There's a good reason podcasts have really taken off recently. Audio is quickly becoming the best way to engage with customers, staff, and drive sales.

That's why podcasters, brands, and agencies that want a reliable and experienced full-service podcasting package come to us to get results. Here are 3 reasons why we think podcasts can grow your business and why you should get involved before you miss your opportunity.

1. Smart Speakers Are Evolving

Smart speakers are not that smart (yet)! Amazon, Apple, and Google are racing each of to build the best smart speakers. Once we have better technology in that area then podcasts are going to become so much more accessible because audio is going to be at the tip of your tongue.

Which smart speaker do you prefer?

2. Podcasting Has Investment

Money is flowing into podcasting like it never has before! We don't know what effect that's going to have on the area, but we've got a suspicion that's it's pretty good.

Money is literally falling into podcasting.

3. Podcasting is Getting Intelligent

Distribution is going to get so much more powerful as AI gets better. Podcasts will get recommended based on shows you've listened to. This means it's going to be so much easier to find content that you want to access. The same goes for podcasts your managing. Tracking how well each episode performs means you can produce more content based on what your listeners are responding well too.

Podcasts Are the New Video 🎥

Not so long ago people were questioning whether video was actually going to be a useful way of marketing your business online, but it's turned out that it's now an essential part of any successful business model.

We think that audio is at a similar time right now. People are beginning to think that maybe they should market their business using audio content. The answer to that is... YES YOU SHOULD! Now is the perfect time to grow your business with podcasts.

Successfully Market Your Business with Audio Content

That's the problem we're trying to solve with Podcasts can grow your business, that's why we've created an all-in-one solution so that you can take care of your brand, whilst we take care of your podcast.

We've got studio space in the heart of Manchester, UK. The first of many as we've also got studios in London, New York, and more to come soon! We've even had famous people recording shows like Russell Kane and Stephen Tries. These guys have made it onto 3rd and 8th of the comedy podcast category on Apple Podcasts.

Several guests recording a professional podcast at the studio.

We also have an editing service, so if you send us your files we'll smooth them out and turn them into a high-quality professional podcast. Another thing people struggle with is distribution. There are so many different platforms you can get onto, but we'll get you onto all of them instantly.

Podcasts Can Grow Your Business 🌱

Finally, we offer an easy to use hosting service with unlimited storage. You can upload and manage as many episodes as you need, from anywhere in the browser. We think that now is a really exciting time to be in the podcasting space - here's how we can help you...

    You Take Care of Business, We Take Care of Your Podcast 🎤

    We guide you through the entire process and can be as hands-on (or hands-off) as needed, offering a full podcasting service from concept to production.

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