Deliver private audio to your team or premium content to your members. Control who has access to your episodes with a secure, invite-only podcast.

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Provide exclusive content for your audience only.

Private podcasting is a secure way to deliver audio content to your employees, members and audiences. Delivered via a secure Private Access Web Portal or a private RSS feed, your users can access exclusive content, for their ears only.

Programmatic Advertising
Dynamic ad insertion for podcasts & networks with 10k+ monthly listens.
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Company Communication & Training

Build a stronger company culture with audio story telling. Share important updates, celebrate recent successes and educate your teams by engaging your people in the conversation

Monetise with Premium Content

Offer your audience more exclusive content with a private podcast membership. A great ad-free way to monetise your podcast while providing greater value to your audience

Private content,
Securly delivered.

Feedless Private Audio

An invite only web portal delivers your audio in any modern web browser. More secure and accessible than a traditional private RSS feed.
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Private RSS for the apps

Enable a private feed for your private show and deliver your audio via supported popular podcast listening apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.
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Security & protection by design.

Your content stays secure, always. Keep full control over who can listen to your episodes from an easy-to-use dashboard. View all active subscribers, and remove any who should no longer have access.
Whitelist your domain so staff can self-subscribe with their work email
Automated user management (SCIM)  available for single sign-on (SSO) integrations, available on a custom plan.
Our default ‘Feedless’ option negates the need for private RSS feeds, content is accessed via a secure web portal and is more accessible and private than a traditional private feed

Private podcasting
made simple.

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Create a private podcast, give your account a title, logo and description within and upload your exclusive audio.
Adding subscribers is easy
Add your subscribers email address individually, via CSV upload and/or whitelist a company email domain.
Subscribers are sent an email invite to access your private show
Added subscribers receive an email inviting them to access your secure, private audio.
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Collaborate seamlessly across your shows

Create a private podcast, invite collaborators, set permissions, and manage multiple shows under one roof.
Control what team members have access to what and assign dedicated people to work on different podcasts.
Set your private shows to ‘Open’ for all private subscribers, or ‘Closed’ for when you need to manage subscribers individually. Great for managing restricted content within your private shows. Coming very soon!
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Audience insights with easy to understand analytics.

​​Understand how your private podcast is performing from day one and watch it grow.
Quickly view your most popular episodes
Track listener locations & playback devices
Get weekly performance reports direct to your inbox

Automate your workflows.
Save time.

Connect your favourite tools to your account and unlock another level of podcast productivity.

Connect your favourite web apps with our Zapier integration. (Seperate account required, Free tier available. Find out more
Build what you want with your account data using the API
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Psssssssssst. You're invited.

Try our private web access portal and discover more about private podcasting with our short and sweet podcast: Private Podcasts 101

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Topics Covered
What is a private podcast?
How do they work on
Private Podcasts for internal communications
Private Podcasts for paid memberships

Support & guidance.
Every step of the way.

The Scary Guy Podcast
" works like a dream. From hosting a landing page, the ease of uploading and creating info for each episode, the integration of the ability to create eye catching audiograms and the seamless hosting and distribution of the podcast. What’s not to like?"
Billi Milovanovic
Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin
We host our podcast, Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin, through and they are fabulous. Easy stats, easy set up to have your podcast on a ton of different platforms, great response when contacting them online with questions or issues. Have had no problems with them! 5/5!
True Crime Dropouts
"We are hosts of the podcast True Crime Dropouts and this has made our launch so easy! Every thing is so easy to understand and someone is ALWAYS available to help!"
Non Wels
You, Me, Empathy
"Loving so far! Beautiful UI, easy to manage your podcast, and stellar support. Happy to be with a podcasting team that’s looking toward the future."

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