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Frequently Asked Questions

New to podcasting and not sure how to get started? You're not alone! Here are quick answers to all your questions about

What is is an on-demand audio platform for you to share your content with the world. Built from the ground-up with content creators in mind to make uploading, organising, and distributing your podcast a breeze!

What payment methods are accepted? accepts debit card, credit card, and PayPal. Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex.

Is your hosting really unlimited?

We have a fair usage policy you can read in more detail here.

How do I grow my podcast quickly?

This isn't a get rich quick scheme or shady black hat fast growth tips. Instead, our team offers real and honest solutions that are proven to work and help you reach your audience.

Can you book guests on my show?

Yes! Reaching out to people and getting interviews organized is a whole lot easier when you're working with experienced people that know how to streamline processes and make things happen. We've just launched a new service to help you connect with guests called Give it a try!

How do I make money from my podcast?

If your podcast has the right number of listeners then we can include you in our advertiser's program. Reach out to our partnership manager to discuss.