Who Are Podcast.co?

Founded on the idea that podcasting should be as simple as clicking a button, Podcast.co is a team of professionals dedicated to building the best podcasting solution.

Our Team

James M.


Aaron C.

Operations Director

Mike C.

Marketing Director

David W.


Jamie A.

Content Manager

John W.

Technical Director

Ben H.


Laura S.

Content Producer

Krzysztof L.

Senior Developer

Guillaume B.

Back End Developer

Tom H.

Audio Engineer

Adam M.

Junior Developer

Laura B.

Content Producer

Sam M.

Junior Developer

Daryl G.

Social Media Manager

Hannah T.

Social Executive

Harry P.


Rowan J.

Junior Developer

Robin B.

Full Stack Developer

Rhys H.

Content & Executive Producer

Jim C.


Naveen K.

Marketing Intern

Donika A.

Marketing Intern

Reuben M.

Content Intern

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