Podcast Studio Hire in Manchester

Need to record a podcast? Hire a professional podcast studio in Manchester city centre and manage your shows with our state of the art setup.

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Podcast equipment can be really expensive. The average podcaster spends around £1,000 on their setup for microphones, headphones, audio processing, soundproofing, and so on. Then there are technical hurdles to get up and running, all of which can seem overwhelming for just about anyone, but not with the Podcast Studio hire!

Record professional audio with a state of the art setup. No audio processors to configure and no technical software to learn - just hit record and go. Here’s how you can rent out the Podcast Studio to record your podcasts, voice-overs, and just about anything else!

Podcast Studio Hire

Podcast.co offers a fully equipped podcast studio based at The Federation, in central Manchester, UK. Pop along by yourself or invite guests to record and manage your shows with our state of the art setup. If you get stuck and need a hand, then we have a team of professionals close by to help you run you podcasts.

Whether you want to record voice-overs, podcasts, or something else entirely, the Podcast.co studio has everything you'll need. Even if you haven't recorded audio before, you'll even be able to book training or a producer with Podcast.co so you can create professional sounding recordings.

Podcasters Using the Studio

Plenty of podcasters, businesses, and professionals are already using the studio to record their shows. Take Tech for Good for example, a community-based organisation aimed to promote, encourage, and raise awareness of the benefits of using technology for good, how to do it right, and how to act more ethically in the tech sector. Every week they record their show in the Podcast Studio.

Professional Audio Equipment

Hiring the Podcast Studio, you get access to a super fast and reliable internet connection - plus, free WIFI with speeds of up to 100mbps. The studio includes:

iMac: Manage and monitor your podcasts with a 27inch iMac that comes with a keyboard and wireless mouse. It's perfect for a producer to keep an eye on everything. All the software you need comes pre-installed and you're free to download any others you want.

6 Microphones: The Shure SM7B studio dynamic microphones are by far the best for professional sound recordings. Big names like Joe Rogan use these for their shows - they've even been used to record all the vocals on the hit Micheal Jackson Thriller album. There are 6 mics available, so you and 5 others can record your podcasts.

5 Headphones: Need to play a short clip on your show, but don't want the mics to pick it up? You and several guests can hear audio playback of things like jingles or sound bites with the Behringer HMP1000 headphones. Audio is pushed out to all the headphones, so everyone can hear what's going on.

6 Boom Arms: Prefer standing up whilst having a chat? With easily adjustable boom arms, you can move the microphones where you want them. Rotate and adjust to either a standing or sitting position with ease (just remember not to get too close to the mic!).

Audio Interface & Headphone Amp: The studio comes with the best equipment to make your recordings sound professional. The setup includes a headphone amp which allows everyone to have their own pair of headphones to monitor whats going on - there's also the powerful PreSonus Studio 192 multi-channel digital audio interface. Both work in tandem to ensure your audio is recording without any blips, pops, or other mishaps you'd get when podcasting.

On top of that, there's also a headphone amp, standing desks, high-top chairs, and relevant cables. If you need anything else when hiring the Podcast Studio, then please contact our team at [email protected].

Podcast Studio in Manchester

The Podcast Studio is located in the heart of Manchester city centre at the Federation House, just across from Shudehill Interchange and The Printworks:

  • Federation House,
  • 2 Federation Street,
  • Manchester,
  • Greater Manchester,
  • M4 4BF,
  • United Kingdom.

The building has the following facilities:

  • Lift access to the Podcast Studio.
  • Toilets on the same floor.
  • Kitchen area with access to water, coffee, etc.
  • Coffee shop in the basement.
  • Assistance dogs welcome.


Studio Only

  • £60 per hour + VAT
  • Fully equipped podcast studio
  • Return as found

Studio & Producer

  • £110 per hour + VAT
  • Fully equipped podcast studio
  • A producer to set up and record your audio

Studio & Training

  • £250 for training session + VAT
  • Fully equipped podcast studio
  • A producer to train your team
  • 2-3 hours
  • Up to 5 team members

Regular Booking

  • £40 per hour + VAT
  • Fully equipped podcast studio
  • No producer
  • Regular booking discount on sessions of 10 or more

Hire the Podcast Studio

Want to hire the Podcast Studio? Click the button below to choose an option or contact us for a quick chat at [email protected].

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