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Grab your lab coat, goggles, and a microphone, because the team are here to simplify podcasting. Discover everything you need to know to create your own show, from how to reach your target audience, to inspiration for your next content.

Create Reach Inspire

James Mulvany, founder of Podcast.co, gives his unabashed point of view from 15 years of working on the front lines of running software and media companies. The Create Reach Inspire podcast cuts through the noise and gets to the point.

Meet the Podcasters

Join James Deeney as he interviews podcasting experts about changes in the industry and what it takes to create successful shows that stand out among the noise.

Podcast.co Daily

Podcast.co Daily gives you the latest podcasting news and insider tips every single day. Available as both a podcast and flash briefing on Amazon Echo devices, keep updated with the latest news and get helpful how-to guides while brushing your teeth or preparing your morning coffee. Save yourself the hassle and stay up-to-date the easy way.

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