"The Giant Talk podcast has helped us open up conversations with prospects. We’re able to connect with businesses that we would have otherwise struggled to speak to before if we’d gone in with a direct sales approach."

Roger Longden, Founder of There Be Giants

There Be Giants is a leading performance consultancy specialising in OKR (Objectives and Key Results). Small, but perfectly formed, they work internationally helping tech, software, and digital companies who need to make sure as they grow their organisations keep pace with that growth.

The biggest challenge we faced when kicking off the podcast was working with a marketing agency. They said they could take care of all the management and hosting. People could listen to our shows, but we couldn’t access real-time data like number of plays and where they were from. We couldn’t get that which I was finding quite frustrating. 

Just on my doorstep I found Podcast.co, which are amazing! I couldn’t believe the level of support we got right from the start at an incredibly reasonable price. Laura (customer success manager) was great at migrating everything onto the platform. Making sure our feeds were setup into the podcast providers. The migration was fantastic and access to the data is superb.

Roger Longden, Founder of There Be Giants

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