The Tech for Good Live podcast is all about how technology can be used to have a positive impact upon the world.

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"The support of has enabled us to produce a professional and well respected weekly tech news show, live shows in front of an audience at tech conferences, and to create documentary-length special investigative series."

Jonny Rae Evans, Tech For Good Co-Founder

There's nothing quite like a podcast to trigger an explosion in brand engagement, and Intern Magazine have been quick to jump at the opportunity. The goal of the magazine's Founder, Alec, is to empower young creatives starting out their careers. He knew a podcast was the way to expand his reach, and he wanted support to put together a show that would fizz in his listener's ears, not flop...

"From AI and automation, to healthtech and digital campaigns, each week we discuss the best (and worst) ways that technology is unleashed upon the world. So it's important to us to always utilise the most cutting edge technology and be in the places where our potential audience might be. "

Jonny Rae Evans, Tech For Good Co-Founder