People's History Museum needed a solution that let their team focus on what was being said behind the microphone.

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"Working with made my life so much easier. I had no idea how to make a podcast, but I did know it had to sound professional. The team at were so great to work with and really patient with us."

Helen Antrobus, Head Curator

Helen Antrobus, from Manchester's People’s History Museum, worked with us to create a history podcast that explores their recent Represent exhibition. Podcasts are a medium that appeals to anyone that wants to expand their reach, tell stories and have an impact on their audience. Helen had a message she wanted to spread, and we were able to help her do it.

“As the presenter of the podcast, there was a lot of pressure, but having Laura in the studio to give advice and to share her thoughts was so helpful. I’d love to do another podcast with!”

Helen Antrobus, Head Curator