Traditional ways of marketing weren't working anymore for Kings Chambers, but they knew podcasts were the best place to reach a whole new audience to grow their business.

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"Traditional ways of marketing for barristers is either going through solicitors offices, giving a presentation, or by writing articles. It seemed to us that podcasts had an advantage over all that!"

Nigel Poole, Head of Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers is a leading barristers chambers on medical negligence in the UK. They decided to create the Debrief podcast because traditional methods of marketing for barristers just seemed very outdated in today's tech-savvy environment. Debrief was designed to give “lawyers and non-lawyers alike” an insight into what’s going on in the field, without the complicated lawyer mumbo-jumbo! Working with us, Kings Chambers records in our Manchester based podcast studio, episodes are edited in-house, and all hosted with

I didn't know a thing about podcasting, so we made contact with All the technical side of things are taken care of and the finished product is very professional. If we make mistakes then they're edited out so the package at the end just runs through really smoothly. It couldn't have been easier!

Nigel Poole, Head of Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers have taken their business to the next level and are now reaching a whole new audience. Take your business further with the help of