Our mission at Podcast.co has always been the same - to make podcasting faster, smoother, and simpler. We’re constantly improving the platform with product updates based on feedback from podcasters across social media and our customer success and support teams.

Along with this drive to improve the platform, we’ve also seen some fundamental changes in what customers need from us. Notably, we’ve seen growing numbers of solo podcasters who produce more than one show. And we now have more teams, companies, and agencies using Podcast.co to collaborate across continually expanding podcast networks.

On reflection, we realised our existing plans weren't ideally structured to meet these needs. As a result, we've created new plans designed to help podcasters scale, grow, and securely manage greater numbers of podcasts and users.

New Podcast.co Plan Details

Starting April 6th 2020, our plans will be updated as shown below.

All customers whose accounts are active before April 6th will automatically transition to the new equivalent plan:

  • Power Plans will be upgraded to Starter
  • Little Networks will be upgraded to Professional
  • Big Networks will be upgraded to Business

To be clear, pricing WILL NOT increase. The structure of what’s included in each plan has been updated, but pricing remains the same across all three plans. If you need to add more users or podcasts to your account you can now simply upgrade your plan at any time as needed.

Existing Power Plan customers with more than podcast will save money as they will be automatically moved to a Professional plan. Free 14-day trial accounts are still available for all new plans.

For networks and companies that need larger plans (100k + monthly downloads), simply contact us, let us know your requirements, and we’ll tailor a plan to fit your needs.

Note: None of these changes apply to AppSumo plans.**

Thank You for Choosing Us 💗

To all the podcasters who use Podcast.co, thank you for your continued support. We hope our updated plans come as welcome news to all those seeking to grow and expand their podcast operations.

The podcasters on our platform will always be at the center of our decision making. And we’re committed to continually delivering new product features that make podcasting faster, smoother and simpler.

Remember, you can let your favourite (or even not-so-favourite) people know about Podcast.co through our referral program. You’ll get $5 via PayPal for every sign up. Plus, your friends get 10% off their subscription too. Ignite sparks of creativity and help others launch their own podcasts the easy way!

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