There are LOADS of podcast apps out there! So how do you sort the good from the bad? We’re here to put your mind at rest and give you 10 best podcast apps for iOS and Android.

1. Overcast (iOS)

Overcast is only available on iOS and has a really lovely, easy to navigate interface. Want to add a podcast to your subscribe list, or just have a browse? Just a matter of pressing the plus button in the top right. Simple! And all of your podcasts get sorted on the homepage into those with new episodes available, and those who don’t but you’re still following.

Get Overcast: Free

2. DoggCatcher (Android)

One of the older apps out there but definitely still great! With a HUGE library of podcasts to choose from, various cool themes, playlist and automation support, it’s pretty awesome. Also, it supports Chromecast, Android Auto and Android Wear, meaning you’ll have no problems accessing your fave podcasts from wherever you are!

Get DoggCatcher: $2.99

3. The Podcast App (iOS)

A pretty self-explanatory name! The Podcast App is another awesome app for finding your favourite podcasts, and to top it all off, it’s free! You can create episode playlists too, so if you have 4 podcasts that have new episodes in the morning, shove all those into a playlist and listen to them one after the other on the bus to work. Not that we’re promoting binge listening of course!

Get The Podcast App: Free

4. Podcast Addict (Android)

One of the most popular free podcast apps on Android. Not only does Podcast Addict have podcasts, but it also has audiobooks and streaming radio too! Plenty of audio-based goodies to choose from! There’s even some Twitch channels and YouTube channels on here! With support for Chromecast and SONOS, you’ll be playing podcasts everywhere, and if you want, you can pay the extra $2.99 to remove the ads.

Get Podcast Addict: Free OR $2.99 for no ads

5. Pocket Casts (Android)

Pocket Casts is the most popular paid podcast app for Android and we can see why. The layout of this app is pretty stunning, with your subscribed podcasts displaying in an artwork grid making for a really colourful podcast screen. Super easy to navigate and boasting cross-device syncing, this one is a pretty strong app and worth the money you pay.

Get Pocket Casts: $3.99

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6. Castro (iOS)

Castro boasts a super easy-to-use interface and focuses in on making everything as simple as possible. They’ve kept it simple but still added in a few cool features. It has a sleep timer so if you’re listening to podcasts in bed, you can rest easy knowing that your podcasts won’t keep playing into the night!

Get Castro: Free

7. iCatcher! (iOS)

iCatcher is $2.99 on the Apple Store, and for that price you get quite a lot! You can adjust a lot of finer settings using iCatcher, like playback speed, set up a sleep timer, use multi-touch controls for faster navigation and way more! On top of all this, it also supports AirPlay and Apple Watch. What more could you want?

Get iCatcher: $2.99

8. Spotify (iOS & Android)

Most people will have heard of Spotify but not as many are aware that Spotify are really getting into podcasts! In fact, a huge amount of podcast listeners have started using Spotify more than any other app now, so this is certainly one to consider. You can get it for free, or pay a subscription and remove the ads. They haven’t got a massive directory at the moment but this is growing considerably day after day so expect WAY more choice in the future!

Get Spotify: iOS OR Android

9. Stitcher (iOS & Android)

Stitcher is another free app with a premium service to get rid of those ads and get access to some cool original shows. They have a pretty large directory of podcasts and have a website version of the app so you can carry on listening at your desk job! A pretty useful feature of Stitcher is having the ability to search for episode titles as well as podcast titles. Handy!

Get Stitcher: iOS OR Android

10. TuneIn (iOS & Android)

TuneIn was more known for streaming radio for a long time but they’re getting into the podcast game too now. With a decent-sized library of podcasts available, you’ll have plenty to choose from and that list is only going to get bigger! But of course, there’s also a good selection of internet radio stations on this one to keep you busy too.

Get TuneIn: iOS OR Android

Best Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

Hopefully, that’s given you some ideas on what the best podcast apps for iOS and Android are for your phone. We actually submit users podcasts to a few of these directories for free. If you’re hosting your podcast with us, why not check that out? Or have a glance at the box below to sign up for a account today!

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