Another week down, another batch of amazing listening material! This week we had a real mix of genres and content with a few wild ones thrown in there.

So, here we go with last week’s roundup:

1. The Politics Guys

Who are the Politics Guys? Well, they’re Michael Baranowski, Jay Carson and Trey Orndorff. Created from being fed-up with “all the brain-dead, talking-point-riddled, partisan yelling and screaming in the media”, these guys started their podcast to simply discuss politics with a sense of understanding and utilising as much evidence as possible. A very interesting listen.

Listen Here: The Politics Guys

2. On The Latch

With Pride season coming to an end and with this podcast having just finished Season 2, now is a perfect time to get listening to this one! Self-defined as, “A podcast by gay men, where no topic is off limits”, you can brace yourself for how much you’ll laugh throughout this one.

Listen Here: On The Latch

3. Drunk Mythology

Drunk hosts, and tales of old; What could possibly go wrong? Hosted by Krista Hunsicker and Christian Madonna, the title of this one is pretty self explanatory. Our hosts look at tales of Gods and Goddesses from different mythologies around the world, with the help of few drinks each episode.

Listen Here: Drunk Mythology

4. Potterless

I bet you can’t guess what this podcast is about? Following one man's journey as he reads the Harry Potter series for the very first time, Mike Schubert ends up pointing out plot holes, making terrible predictions, and explaining why Quidditch is the worst sport ever. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is definitely one for you!

Listen Here: Potterless

5. The Minds of Madness

If you’re a true crime fan, here’s another fantastic listen for you. The Minds of Madness is a true crime podcast featuring some really nasty stories, and some very interesting interviews, with victims, witnesses, and those affected by the crime. Also recently, they helped to raise some money to fund a memorial bench for one of the victims of a crime they featured on their podcast. A fantastic podcast with a fantastic community and attitude.

Listen Here: The Minds of Madness

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