Ready for more? We’re back with another Podcasts of the Week roundup, but who did we pick out this week? Some seriously tough decisions were made, but here they all are!


Everybody loves a good roast! Join comedian and entrepreneur, Jack Bowers, as he takes a look at different bits of everyday society and tears them to pieces. Joined by co-host, Avery Williams, and a variety of different special guests, you’ll be holding back your laughter on that bus journey to work!

Listen here: PodRoast


We all die someday. That fact is inevitable. However, there are plenty of different ways your death can come about, and that’s what the hosts of GraveDiggin’, Rory and Beanie, are out to show you! Everything from famous situations in history like the sinking of the RMS Titanic, to random things like apricots and ice fields! Give it a listen. You won’t regret it.

Listen here: GraveDiggin’


Ah, the world of technology! For some, a futuristic world full of wonder and opportunity. For others, a terrifying mess of unpredictability! Technophobia is here to discuss what’s exciting them and what’s freaking them out a bit, about the future of technology. From Deep Fakes, to 5G, to a possible AI takeover?! Oh gosh, now we’re scared too!

Listen here: Technophobia

An Earful Podcast

Hope you’re ready for an earful! Movies, music, and a good amount of spook make up the content of this awesome podcast. Join hosts, Matt, Matty and Lunn, as they discuss different inspiration, gigs, creativity, and a few favourite horror films thrown in. One not to be missed, so definitely throw it in your downloads and give it a listen.

Listen here: An Earful Podcast

An American Nightmare

Roland Flagg, an orphaned child, has been left in the care of Yvonne Fletcher; A single mother, on the verge of a mental breakdown. Definitely not the safest or happiest situation. In order to escape his harsh reality, Roland creates his own fictional hero, The Golden Ninja. What happens next? Listen and find out.

Listen here: An American Nightmare

Hopefully you’re all stocked up on podcasts for this week by now! Don’t worry, we’ll be back with more next week. But, before you go, why not check out our social media (@podcastdotco) to get our Podcast of the Day picks as they happen. You can also submit your own podcast for consideration using the form below!

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