Welcome to the red carpet special! The British Podcast Awards recently took place on May 17th, 2019, and there were some truly amazing winners. So let’s check them out on this weeks, Best Podcasts of the Week!

PODCAST OF THE YEAR: Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

No, but seriously. Have you heard George’s podcast? If not, why not?! It only went and won Podcast of the Year (as well as a few others)! This podcast is an awesome series, fusing music and storytelling into amazing podcast episodes. Taking you behind the lyrics, diving through memories and presenting a fresh look on London’s inner city life.

Listen here: Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

SPOTLIGHT AWARD: That Peter Crouch Podcast

Winner of the Spotlight Award is That Peter Crouch Podcast! A podcast guide to being a professional footballer with insights into everything. Changing rooms, transfers, where to sit on the bus and more! Bringing fans of all teams together, it provides and interesting look at one of Britain’s most discussed pastimes.

Listen here: That Peter Crouch Podcast


Introducing, a magazine show for the podcast generation, The Modern Mann. Each month brings you extraordinary people talking through the fascinating experiences that shed light on our modern world. The interview they won their award for was with Martha Adams, a rape survivor. She explains how her trauma and the events after it restricted her lifestyle, relationships and more in ways you wouldn’t even imagine.

Listen here: The Modern Mann

BEST ENTERTAINMENT: This Paranormal Life

Lover of the strange and paranormal? This Paranormal Life is definitely one for you! Kit and Rory cover everything from, “Did aliens build the pyramids?”, to, “Does Obama run the Illuminati?” so you’ll never be short of interesting episodes to keep you hooked. Also, they’re already over 100 episodes in so you’ll have plenty of episodes to catch up on!

Listen here: This Paranormal Life


If you live in the UK, the hot topic of conversation for a while now has been Brexit. To stay or to leave? No matter what side you’re on, Brexitcast covers it, bringing you the latest happenings from the Houses of Common, looking into the latest news on the PM and more. Making politics more fun and way more human is what we all need in the UK right now.

Listen here: Brexitcast

Congratulations to all the podcasts on this list who won, and of course all those who gained Silver and Bronze awards too! The competition was fierce. While you wait for our next update, make sure to follow our social media (@podcastdotco) for all the latest updates.

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