Here we go again with another week full of amazing podcast content for you to get listening to. We have some really interesting ones this week so let’s get going!

Everything is Alive

So this one is….pretty strange? But we think it’s absolutely fantastic! Hosted by Ian Chillag, listen as he interviews different inanimate objects in a completely serious way. It’s strangely philosophical at times, yet with an obvious sense of humour. It’s also weird how it can make you feel sympathetic towards a can of cola… Definitely worth a listen!

Listen here: Everything is Alive

Work / Life Imbalance

Want a good mix of terrible advice and a few laughs about some work/life issues? This will be the podcast for you. Join the “Monstrous Manager”, Frank Eastman and “Lovable Office Companion”, Derrick Lewis in the office for the answers (possibly?) to some work situations we’re all too familiar with.

Listen here: Work/Life Imbalance

Let’s Not Meet

Monsters are real. Don’t believe us? Try listening to Let’s Not Meet. Gather around for some real life horror stories of internet creeps, murderers, psychos and more. People are free to submit their own stories to the Let’s Not Meet Reddit thread, which is where host, Andrew Tate, gets all the stories for the show. It’s a wild ride.

Listen here: Let’s Not Meet

Swipe Left, Swipe Left

“The podcast for stories of unexpected relationship adventures and dating failures.” A pretty accurate summary. Most of us will have been on, or at least been curious about, various dating apps, and most of us will have at least a couple of “interesting” stories to share. This podcast encapsulates these stories and tells of fails, successes and strange adventures had as a result of being on these dating apps. Swipe right on this podcast!

Listen here: Swipe Left, Swipe Left


Tales of sex, drugs and rock and roll, Disgraceland centres on famous musicians we all know and love behaving extremely badly. With thirty minute, bi-weekly episodes full of amazing criminal stories about some of our most well-known stars, host Jake Brennan will keep you entertained with these amazing stories all week! Whether you love music, or love true crime, or even both, this will be the podcast for you!

Listen here: Disgraceland

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See you next week!

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