Did you miss us? Well, don’t worry because we’re back again with another week's worth of podcasts that will really knock your socks off! Here we go!

How Might We

Quite a philosophical one to start us off! The How Might We podcast is focused on creating discussions about various topics, such as, politics, education, etc. It aims to break down these topics and then build them back up again, looking at creating different solutions and opportunities along the way.

Listen Here: How Might We

Books & Booze

Imagine a book club, but everyone is drunk. That’s this podcast! Join John Leven and various guests as they discuss many different books, including, Ready Player One, Fifty Shades of Grey, Last of the Unanswered Questions and many more, but with the addition of a good amount of booze.

Listen Here: Books & Booze

Stranger Than Fiction

Want to hear some incredibly weird stories that you won’t believe? Stranger Than Fiction has you covered! With hosts, Adam, Chase and Allison, you’ll explore different conspiracies, theories and stories surrounding some of the biggest events in history. Will they agree, probably not but either way it's a great listen!

Listen Here: Stranger Than Fiction


Need some advice? Probably not the best idea to send your question into these guys! Hyperbole is a hilarious comedy-advice show where brothers, Stephen, Anthony and Chris, take questions from listeners and give them the best worst advice they possibly can. They can deal with any problem, from how to not be distracted on dates, to what to do if your boyfriends poops the bed! A laugh a minute podcast!

Listen Here: Hyperbole

Next On The Tee

Love Golf? Then a fantastic podcast to get stuck in to is Next On The Tee with Chris Mascaro! This podcast doesn't focus on gossip or controversy, and instead has a stream of amazing guests from the world of golf, all with their own fantastic stories to share. They also share insights from inside the ropes, and some tricks and tips for getting a lower score in your next round.

Listen Here: Next On The Tee

You've reached the end! Don't get too upset though! Next week, we have some ultra spooky podcasts coming your way, just in time for Halloween! Get following our social media (@podcastdotco) so you get all those amazing podcasts of the day as we post about them!

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