You guessed it! We’re back again with another roundup of some fantastic #PodcastOfTheDay posts. Let’s jump right in!

1. Gathering of the Ages

There are quite a few Tabletop RPG podcasts in existence now, but the reason Gathering of Ages is, not only is it hosted by a group of brothers, but their mother joins in on the adventure! A very unique but ultimately fantastic podcast, you’ll be whisked away on their adventure through Ustalav as soon as you start listening!

Listen here: Gathering of the Ages

2. Slow Burn

A political history podcast looking at the”strange subplots” and “forgotten characters” of recent political history. There are already two seasons of this podcast out, with Season 1 focused on living through Watergate and Season 2 on Bill Clinton’s most famous impeachment. Absolutely fascinating, definitely worth a listen.

Listen here: Slow Burn

3. Words Matter

Brand new on the scene, join hosts, Elise Jordan and Steve Schmidt, along with plenty of different journalists and government officials as they uncover the truths behind the latest headlines in the media. With the two main hosts having served at the highest levels in the government, they provide a very interesting insight into the actuality behind certain headlines.

Listen here: Words Matter

4. Guide to the Unknown

Do you like the paranormal? The strange? Mysteries and urban legends? Then Guide to the Unknown might be just the podcast you’re looking for! Will Rogers and Kristen Anderson have covered so many creepy and unusual stories on their podcast, like The Hat Man, Ouija Boards, Spring Heeled Jack and many more!

Listen here: Guide to the Unknown

5. The No Sleep Podcast

Started from a Reddit thread of the same name, The No Sleep Podcast focuses on amazing horror stories of scary experiences people have had. Think Creepypasta. From start to finish, this podcast is one terrifying ride. Even the introduction is incredibly atmospheric so you can imagine what the actual stories are like! Grab your headphones, turn the lights down, and hide.

Listen here: The No Sleep Podcast

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