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Chat Sematary

You thought the Spooky Season was over? Think again! Chat Sematary looks at the incredible novels of Stephen King, and dives into the very depths of it. Both original literature and adaptations are covered in this podcast so if you’re a fan of the King of Horror, give this one a listen, starting off with the infamous Carrie!

Listen here: Chat Sematary

The Reset Rebel

A wellness community… in Ibiza? Unusual yes, but Ex-BBC 6 Music journalist and yoga teacher, Jo Youle, is discovering the world of the Reset Rebels. Being healthy in Ibiza is a rebellious act and these guys are forging that rebellious path to wellness. Hear amazing stories from the wellness community on the island.

Listen here: The Reset Rebel


Brexit. The topic on everyone's mind in the UK. Whether you agree or disagree with the goings on, this podcast aims to make light of the whole situation. In this case, the UK have held a referendum for Capital Punishment and the people voted to bring it back! This comedy drama follows the new department of Capital Punishment as they try to go through with the majority vote.

Listen here: Capital


When people hear about illness and disease, they tend to get awkward and not know what to say. So, main host of the Sickboy podcast, Jeremie Saunders, suffering with Cystic Fibrosis, and his two mates, Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillivary, decided to break down the stigmas surrounding illness and disease, and to teach people that sometimes the best way to deal with the rubbish life throws at you is just to laugh!

Listen here: Sickboy

80 Days

Want to explore the world and discover new places without spending all the money? 80 Days is a podcast that aims to show you a new lesser known country, territory, or even city with each episode. Join Joe Byrne, Luke Kelly and Mark Boyle, as they investigate the culture, and people of each place they ‘visit’.

Listen here: 80 Days

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