Another week has passed and you know what that means. It’s time for another list of amazing podcasts that we’ve been listening to this week.

The Football Girl

A celebration of prominent female voices within the NFL (American Football), with the occasional male thrown in there too. This weekly podcast, hosted by Melissa Jacobs, talks to women from many different avenues linked to NFL, sharing comments about football, feminism, and society in general.

Listen here: The Football Girl

SunLit Storytime

You know those days where you just feel down for no reason? SunLit Storytime is there to help pick you back and make you feel great. They release 15 minute feel-good, fictional stories from different independent authors, making it a super easy listen to slot into busy days. Take 15 minutes and make yourself smile.

Listen here: SunLit Storytime

Help I Sexted My Boss

An interesting title, right? Glad these guys have your attention! Join hosts William and Jordan as they delve into some everyday conundrums and the struggles of modern life. Both from very different backgrounds, William teaching etiquette to royal families across the globe, and Jordan leading a pretty clumsy life, you can guarantee a very different and interesting discussion.

Listen here: Help I Sexted My Boss

Young & D.U.M.B

“D.U.M.B. Dedicated. Up and Coming. Motivated. Bold.” This podcast aims to showcase influencers, entrepreneurs, artists and various other inspirational people from the Millenial and Generation Z groups. Their aim? To silence the voices saying Millennials and Generation Z are lazy, entitled etc.

Listen here: Young & D.U.M.B

Dr. Death

As dark as it sounds, Dr. Death is a podcast all about neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who performed intentionally incorrect surgeries on his patients. This left them in chronic pain, paralysed, or in some cases, dead. A horrific tale, but one that brings forward an alarming notion; How did the medical system fail to pick up his butchering sooner?

Listen here: Dr. Death

That’s your lot for this week! Make sure you head over to our social media for our regular Podcast of the Day every Mon-Fri!

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