50 Podcast Ideas You Should Try

Is your podcast getting a bit stale? Here are some podcast ideas you should try to keep your content engaging and fresh.

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Whether you’re new to podcasting or an experienced professional, it can be tricky to keep coming up with fresh ideas. Get inspired with these podcast ideas you should try to breathe new life into your shows.

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#1. Target Specific People or Places (AKA Go Super Niche)

#2. Find Films/Books You Haven't Seen, Then Guess What You Think Will Happen

#3. Interview Another Podcaster

#4. Podcasting for Certain Times (Morning Motivation, Spooky Nighttime Stories)

#5. Interview Taxi Drivers

#6. Learn a New Hobby or Skill

#7. Record Yourself in Different Places, Describing What You Can See

#8. Focus on Your Sponsor

#9. Describing Objects / Brands for People to Guess

#10. Carry Your Recorder Round and Record Everything

#11. Let Your Sponsor Become Involved in the Podcast (But Retain Creative Control)

#12. Alarm Clock Podcast

#13. Preparation Podcast

#14. Stories Through the Eyes of Different Characters

#15. Comedy Podcast

#16. Newspaper Review

#17. Discuss Events or Interesting Groups

#18. Shop Podcast

#19. Travelling Podcast

#20. Podcasts That Link (But with a Twist)

#21. Sport Podcasts

#22. News Summary

#23. Government (Local Elections, New Laws)

#24. Narrate Yourself Doing Basic Tasks

#25. Celebrity Podcasts

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#26. Narrate from People Who Don't Know What's Going On

#27. Top 10 Lists (Everyone Loves a Good List)

#28. Find People with the Same Name as Each Other and Interview Them

#29. Multiple Generations

#30. What's Going on in Your Area

#31. Group of People Discussing Things About Each Other

#32. Pet Podcasts

#33. Those That Can't Get Out (Not That They're Trapped, But Stuck Inside All Day)

#34. Short Podcasts (I Mean, Like, Really Really Short)

#35. Podcast About Other Podcasts (Inception Style)

#36. Location Location Location

#37. Interview Anyone, Like Randomers on the Street

#38. Interview People Who Are the Same

#39. Ask People If They Know How to Do Certain Things

#40. Person Answers Questions About Themselves, Then Make Each Episode About Their Answer

#41. Do Household Chores and Let People Guess What You're Doing

#42. Record an Interview in Your Apartment Building or on the Street

#43. Audience Asks You Questions

#44. Guilty Pleasure Podcast

#45. Technology (Old, New, or Stuff You Wish Existed)

#46. Cover Live Events

#47. Zero Punctuation

#48. Interview Founders and Entrepreneurs

#49. Clueless Content

#50. ASMR (Whisper Gently to Your Listeners)

Podcast Ideas Overload!!!

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few podcast ideas you should try yourself to help improve your shows or even start your own if you’re just starting out. With anything new, it’s best to try different things to find out what works for you!

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