Top 10 Highest Earning Podcasts

We look at the highest earning podcasts on Patreon for March 2018.

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It is relatively difficult to find accurate up to date figures on the highest earning podcasts due to the industry progressing and changing constantly. However, these are the highest earning podcasts on Patreon at the time of writing this post.

10. Canadaland

Canadaland is a podcast that focuses on news analysis and media criticism, with a kind of quirky and funny tone to the whole thing. It is hosted by journalist, Jesse Brown, and is currently the most popular podcast in Canada, with most of it's listeners being the young adults of Canada who need a fun way to find out the latest news.

Estimated Earnings: $21,000 p/m

9. The Pod

The Pod is a German podcast focused on PC and video games. They advertise as being similar to a gaming magazine, as they have reviews, interviews, expert talks and more. They have very firm beliefs on buying their own games instead of getting them through sponsorships, and fully rely on donations from their audience as funding.

Estimated Earnings: $22,500 p/m

8. Daily Tech News Show

​The Daily Tech News Show is pretty much exactly what it says in the title. Hosted by Tom Meritt and Sarah Lane, they cover the latest news stories from the world of tech in an easy to understand way with expert opinions. As the name would suggest, this podcast uploads every single day.

Estimated Earnings: $19,700 p/m

7. Doughboys

Doughboys is a comedy based podcast that sees comedians, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger, review different fast food chains. The reviews are honest but filled with a lot of comedy so each episode is definitely an entertaining listen. They also sometimes pit different chains against each other in humour filled battles, such as, who does the best pizza?

Estimated Earnings: Unpublished

6. The Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left publishes a new episode every week and looks at different horror stories, both fictional and non-fictional. These stories can range from true stories about serial killers, to conspiracy theories, to readings of fan-written horror stories.

Estimated Earnings: $30,300 p/m

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5. The Ralph Report

​Hosted by Ralph Garman, The Ralph Report is another podcast that aims to bring you the latest news reports, but it seems to have a heavy showbiz and celebrity focus. This podcast has an interesting way of getting funding. They publish an episode free every Monday for everyone, but to hear the other four episodes of the week, you need to donate $3 per month.

Estimated Earnings: Unpublished

4. The Waking Up Podcast

The Waking Up Podcast is a news report podcast with a twist. While it does look at current events, it takes a philosophical look, questions the human mind and looks into why society works the way that it does. Hosted by Sam Harris, neuroscientist and philosopher, it will definitely make you think.

Estimated Earnings: Unpublished

3. Second Captains World Service

​Based in Dublin, this group of friends run six podcasts posting every day, Monday to Friday, with two shows on Monday. Second Captains cover a variety of topics including, football, politics and the latest news. Another interesting one for funding as you have to donate €5 per month to get access to all the podcasts they publish.

Estimated Earnings: Unpublished

2. Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale covers horrific stories of true crime, so if you’re squeamish, perhaps give this one a miss! It takes a very journalistic approach and the stories are often told through witnesses statements and police interview recordings making it all the more real. While they don’t publish their earning figures on Patreon, they did hold a fundraiser in 2015 that resulted in a total of just under $30,000 which then funded their third season.

Estimated Earnings: Unpublished

1. Chapo Trap House

​Chapo Trap House is a political podcast with a humorous outlook, this podcast is hosted by a group of people who are well-known on the internet for their left wing views. Will Menaker, Felix Biederman and Matt Christman, with regular guest hosts, provide comedic commentary on the political issues of today. They post twice weekly, one episode being free to listen and the other being available to $5 per month Patreon donors.

​Estimated Earnings: $91,300 p/m

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