What is a Podcast Script?

Exactly what is a podcast script anyway? 🤷 Let’s find out!

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Now you might be thinking, ‘Scripts are for theatre, not podcasts!’ But actually, creating a script for your podcast can really help you out, and make your podcast sound even more professional! Not sure how? Keep reading to find out all about podcast scripts!

Podcast Script... What Do You Mean? 🤔

Now, when we say ‘Podcast Script’ we don’t necessarily mean a full, line-by-line script. Some people do choose to do it that way and that’s perfectly fine but usually, the types of podcasts that use full scripts are fictional, drama podcasts. Most podcasters will just plan out a decent structure to their podcast and make detailed notes of what they’re going to talk about! And that’s all there is to it!

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Does It Make a Difference? 📝

We know what you’re thinking, does having a podcast script actually make any difference? The answer is yes! By having, even just a set of organised notes with you makes a world of difference to your presenting style and the speed of your production.

By having a good scripted set of detailed notes, you’ll be able to get all the relevant information across easily, without reading everything line by line and sounding a bit robotic. Your listeners want to hear your personality shine through, not a robotic voice with no emotion! Be yourself and allow yourself to speak as you normally would to your friends!

Your shows will also be a lot more streamlined. A lot of creators that don’t have a clear structure down in front of them while they’re recording will tend to go off on a tangent and then really have to think, or even take a break, to get themselves back on track. If you have your structure written down in front of you, if you do decide to go off on a tangent, all you have to do is look at your notes for a few seconds and then pick up from where you should be. No worries here!

Planning sounds and music is another advantage to writing a podcast script. If you write out where you’ll be placing sound effects, music, or even detailed soundscapes as a background, you will be able to know where these happen when you’re recording. This can help if you need to leave a brief pause to make editing easier, or if you need to do anything to your voice to go along with that effect. Also, it can seriously help with editing! When you’re editing your podcast episode, you can look at your script and immediately see what your plan was for that blank section you’ve spent ages scratching your head over!

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