Everyone here at Podcast.co is super excited to announce that we've officially launched! Over the last few months, we've been hard at work developing cool new tools that will help you easily share your podcast with the world.

From your own custom podcast page to in-depth analytics, everything you need to kickstart your podcast is now under one roof. Take your podcasting game to the next level and get a sneak peek at what's to come at Podcast.co!

Start Your Podcasting Journey

Share your stories and take things to the next level with our all-inclusive platform for podcasters. You'll be delighted with our personal service and toolset designed to help you create and grow your podcast.

Level Up with the Power Plan

Podcast.co gives you the tools needed to level up your podcast and reach listeners from around the world. Our Power plan ($15/month per podcast) is designed to turbocharge your podcast and offers a 14 day free trial.

Have multiple podcasts or need lots of users? Our Network plans are designed to make managing a roster of podcasts and multiple users incredibly simple:

  • Little Network: 1 podcast, 3 users ($25/month) with additional podcasts at $30/month each.
  • Big Network: 3 podcast, 5 users ($50/month) with additional podcasts at $30/month each and block of 5 users at $20/month.

Speak to our partnerships manager today to start your podcast or migrate your network.

Manage Podcasts with No Limits!

Publishing episodes is as easy as dragging and dropping your audio files directly in the browser!

Easily upload your podcasts in minutes!

You'll love our sleek and easy to use interface. Create a podcast in minutes, not hours. Upload episodes in the browser and schedule your stories easily, listening back to make sure everything sounds on point.

Manage episodes and listen back to your shows.

Analytics: Get to Know Your Listeners

Understand how your podcast is performing with solid and reliable analytics. Get an overview for the week and dig deep into which days are working the best.

Overview of podcast downloads.

Discover what's working with your most popular episodes, who's tuning in with top locations, and from which clients like Chrome, Apple Podcasts, and many more!

Discover what's working, who's tuning in, and from where.

Custom Player: Share Your Podcast with the World

Reach people, wherever they are with your custom branded podcast players. Choose the style to fit your website and what info you display to allow your listeners to subscribe and share shows.

Publishing: Distribute Your Podcast to Popular Places

Maximise your global presence by listing your podcast on massively popular directories. We'll publish your show to all major platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts so you can reach millions of listeners.

Alternatively, if you want to get your hands dirty then why not submit to podcast directories yourself!

Pod Page: No Website? No Worries!

Create a home for your show without needing your own website. Pod pages are automatically created for you and updated with your latest episodes, so it's a breeze to manage! There's no technical knowledge needed, simply customise your page's style, artwork, and info all within your Podcast.co dashboard.

Audiograms: Turn Podcasts into Videos

Create podcast audiograms to convert your shows into video, share them on social media, and grow your listeners. We’ve collaborated with the awesome guys at Headliner to bring you a way to easily create video audiograms of your shows! Share your podcast to places like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can even upload entire episodes to YouTube!

Networks: Go Beyond with Multiple Podcasts

Manage multiple podcasts all under one roof, ideal for fast and expanding brands! Our Network plans are designed to give you the flexibility needed to manage multiple people so you can share and collaborate together. Create podcasts, upload episodes, share with your listeners, and have fun!

Manage multiple podcasts and collaborators with networks.

Sneak Peak at What's to Come

We have LOADS of new stuff in the works and coming soon to Podcast.co! Here are just a few things we can mention to you guys (with plenty more in the pipeline too)!

We're excited on all the cool new things to come!

Publish to Spotify (With Just One-Click)

iTunes and Spotify are the most popular places for people to listen to their favourite podcasts. At the moment, you can only publish shows to iTunes, but that's about to change! Very soon you'll be able to submit your podcast to both iTunes and Spotify yourself. Alternatively, you can ask us to submit shows on your behalf.

Automatically Transcribe Podcasts

Turn audio into text the easy way and reach a whole new audience. Our new transcription service will automatically transcribe your podcast into text. Ideal for show notes or publishing your episodes as articles.

IAB Compliancy (Sharing Data with Advertisers)

In 2019, we are working towards being fully IAB compliant. This means we will follow a certain set of guidelines set out by IAB so advertising companies will be able to get all the relevant data they need easily.

Suggest Features & Feedback

Can't find the tools you need for your podcast? Have your say by suggesting new features and vote up existing submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcasting

Get answers fast with our cheat sheet FAQs! We have grouped together the most common questions about starting a podcast to set you off in the right direction.

How do I sign up?

Signup here - if you plan on hosting multiple podcasts then talk to one of our agents about a Network plan by clicking the bottom right chat box.

How much does it cost?

You can signup for our POWER plan which starts at $15 (£12.50 or €13.40) per podcast, per month, which will be billed annually as one charge of $180 (£150 or €160). We also have our monthly plan of $18 (£15 or €16) per podcast, per month.

Note: The UK and EU pricing displayed is not inclusive of VAT.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit card, credit card, and PayPal. Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex.

Can I start my podcast today?

Yes! Signup here today! We can also help get you setup if you talk to us by clicking the bottom right chat box.

For all the answers to your questions, head over to our help FAQs.

Publish Your First Episode in Minutes

Podcast.co is the easiest way to create a podcast and share your stories. Import an existing show or create a new one. Click, drag, drop... and you’re done!

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