Are you looking for an affordable, yet capable microphone to use whilst podcasting, broadcasting, live streaming or just chatting with friends or family over Skype? Then look no further than the Devine M-Mic USB BK studio recording microphone. The perfect mic for quality content creators on a budget.

What You Get

  • 1x Devine M- Mic USB BK studio microphone
  • 1x USB connection cable
  • 1x Shock Mount
  • 1x Tripod
  • 1x screw thread adapter
What you get in the box.


The microphone and stand are solid and sturdy pieces of equipment. There’s no worry that the stand will fall over or that the microphone will be easily broken in transit. Even though the products are sturdy, they are still reasonably lightweight. This makes the microphone great for podcasters and broadcasters who like to broadcast on the road who need a lightweight yet strong microphone that isn’t too heavy to carry but won’t be easily damaged.

The microphone is a sleek, black design which is both aesthetically pleasing and modern looking. The microphone also comes in white so you can choose which microphone better suits your setup.

Hook the Devine directly to your computer via USB.

The microphone, stand and shock mount are designed with easy setup in mind. The stand screws into the shock mount with ease. There is also a removable thread so that it’s easy to screw the shock mount onto a different stand or boom arm. The microphone slots into the shock mount by squeezing two small levers that loosen and tighten the shock mount. Easy peasy!

The USB plugs in at the bottom which makes the microphone look like an XLR microphone rather than a USB microphone. This gives the microphone a more professional look that suits professional setups well. The microphone is designed to also work upside down on a boom arm, so it can be used that way if it suits your setup better.


The sound quality of the recordings made with this microphone are decent and clear sounding.

It’s an incredibly sensitive microphone which means that it picks up plosives, sibilance and breath noise rather easily. We found that sitting back from the microphone and moving even further back if we planned to get louder helped to combat these issues. We would also recommend investing in a windshield or pop shield when using this microphone as that will help to improve the audio that you record.

The microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern and therefore it’s not overly directional. When you are recording with the microphone it is best to be in a completely quiet environment because any background/ambient noise is picked up very easily. Sound proofing will help in this instance!

The microphone doesn’t struggle processing different volumes. It picks up quiet whispering and loud shouting with no dip in quality. This means that whatever you choose to use the microphone for you will get the best quality recording. This is also a good feature for when you have guests who may not use proper mic techniques when they’re recording.


You can connect the microphone via USB to laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets and games consoles. They have to have microphone compatibility so not all devices with a USB slot will work with the microphone but all microphone compatible devices should. There’s also an XLR version of the same microphone so if you have a different setup that requires XLR then you can still have this microphone.

Condenser mic best suited for studio environments.

The microphone is very easy to set up. All you need to do is pop the mic in the shock mount, pop that on a stand or boom arm, and plug it into your device of choice! Super simple! You can use the microphone with any audio programme, just make sure you select it in your preferences.

With it being a USB microphone there is no need for an audio interface because it can plug straight into your computer or chosen device. This means you won’t have to spend as much when you’re starting out.

Things to Note

When you set up the tripod one leg needs to face towards the microphone to keep it stable. It’s also best to keep the tripod as low to the desk as possible. The higher the tripod the less stable it becomes.

This microphone is only suitable for use indoors because of its sensitivity. Things like wind noise and ambient sounds will be picked up too easily so it’s better to use it in an indoor studio. The microphone should always be used on a stand and should never be handheld because it will pick the handling noise up and diminish the quality of the audio.

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Conclusion: Devine M-Mic Studio Microphone

I would definitely recommend this product because it is very reasonably priced and despite the low price it’s a good quality, capable microphone. Other microphones in its price range usually have sound quality issues and are often made out of flimsier materials. This means that you don’t get a sturdy piece of equipment as you do with the Devine M-Mic USB BK studio recording microphone. You also get more features with this microphone than you get with others in its price range. Most microphones don’t come with a shock mount and/ or tripod.

Small and lightweight, the Devine M-Mic is ideal for newcomers.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Can be attached to boom arm or different stand
  • Easy setup
  • Good sound quality (Picks up sounds well)
  • USB can be used with any desired technology
  • Comes with shock mount and tripod


  • Picks up breath noise/ plosives easily
  • Could do with a windshield and pop shield which are not included.
  • Not recommended for outdoor use or handheld use
  • Very sensitive to ambient noise which can spoil recordings
  • The tripod only really functions well at one height. Raising it up compromises the stability of the microphone.

Our Rating 20/30

Appearance 7/10

Small, sleek looking microphone that has a great look for a semi-professional setup.

Value 7/10

A very cheap yet incredibly functional microphone. It definitely doesn't seem like a $30 microphone.

Podfullness 6/10

Great if you're starting out or if you are a few steps away from a professional setup. It probably won't be the microphone you use forever but it'll provide you with great audio to start off with.

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