Struggle no more to find presenters and influencers for your podcast. We make it miraculously easy. Using our industry know-how and connections with talent agencies, we can find you the right people and get them behind the microphone on your show.

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We can present your whole podcast, or find you a co-presenter or influencer. uses a network of talent agencies and industry connections to book top influencers and guests for your podcast. Guest appearances can be conducted remotely or by bringing them into your recording studio. We can find people to present your entire show, or just show support on your own presenting. By streamlining this process we save our clients a lot of time chasing and pinning down top guests.

Our Podcast Guests & Presenters Can Help You:

  • Boost the credibility of your podcast
  • Feel relaxed behind the mic knowing somebody with experience has your back
  • Save time and resources
  • Create more engaging content
  • Achieve a better structure for your show
  • Increase your reach by leveraging the following of relevant influencers

Influencers associate with high-end productions, so working with us helps to give your podcast the credibility it needs to attract top talent.

This service is particularly useful if you are starting out and want to ease your way into presenting. You can start with a co-host that does 80% of the talking, then next episode they could do 60% and so on until you're confident.

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