Why Superfans Are Great for Your Podcast

Do you need more listeners and people sharing your content? This sounds like a job for the SUPERFANS!

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When you’ve got a podcast jam-packed with content, your editing skills are on point, and your hosting is top notch, the next thing you need is fans. More specifically than that, you need Superfans! You need the kind of fans that would lay down their lives for you (well, maybe not quite that but close enough)!

Who Are the Superfans?

Superfans are people who love your podcast so much that they listen to every episode, tell all their friends about it and support everything you do. That sounds completely amazing doesn’t it? But that’s not all they’re capable of…

Superfans will end up creating content for you. They’ll share the stuff you put out, as well as creating fan pages, Wikipedia pages and comment threads, all dedicated to you and your podcast! The extremely popular podcast Serial has its own Wikipedia page that will have been made by dedicated fans. 

All the best podcasts have a Wikipedia page

Where Are the Superfans Hiding?

I know it sounds easier said than done getting Superfans, but if you put the effort in you’ll get them in no time.

Imagine your ideal Superfan and appeal to them. Are they men or women? Sports fans or academics? When you know who you’re aiming your podcast at, it’s more likely to attract the right kind of fans.

When you’ve identified who your fans are you can then start creating content that appeals to them.

Get out there and meet your fans at meetups and conventions. There is always plenty happening, and you can meet the people that you need to be appealing to.

Look at all the Podcast events happening in 2019!!

What Do Superfans Want?

They want digestible pieces of content that they can share on social media and consume in their free time. Whether it be snippets of your podcast, video clips, quotes or fan art. If it’s interesting, well-crafted and relates well to your podcast, then your fans will LOVE it.

Fans love it when you make them feel like an individual rather than just one of the crowd. Make sure you respond to their tweets, comments and emails. Give them shoutouts and the opportunity to win cool free stuff! They will be your devout followers in no time.

Superfans are individuals!

The more Superfans you gather the further on your way you’ll find yourself to becoming an influencer. When you become an influencer the world is your oyster.

If you’re interested in gaining Superfans or you need a hand growing your podcast then chat to our strategy and concept development team!

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