Design matters. Especially when it comes to your podcast.

After the audio itself, how your podcast looks is probably next on your agenda. It has to be clean, discrete, and consistent with the rest of your brand.

With this in mind, we’ve updated the audio players and podcast pages on our Business plans. Alongside their fully customisable appearance, you can now remove the logo, providing a white label solution that blends seamlessly with the rest of your website and branding.

Your Podcast, Your Player

Whether you direct your listeners towards your website, or to your dedicated page, you can now take full control over what people see when they hit play on your episodes.

Maybe the logo happens to clash with your background image on your podcast page. Or maybe you feel it just looks more professional for your own logo to be the only one listeners see on your website. Either way, removing it is as easy as pressing a button. Literally.

Removing the Logo & Branding

By default, the logo displays in the following places.

On the top right corner of episode players:

On the top right corner of podcast players:

On the top left of the page header image:

Below the “About” section on the page:

If you’re on a Business plan, you can remove the logos from all the locations above simultaneously with the click of a button (if you’re currently on a Starter or Pro plan, you can upgrade to get access to white label players).

Simply log in to your account and click on the “Settings” tab. Select “Advanced Settings” from the right hand menu. 

Scroll down to find the “Show Branding” toggle.

Switching this toggle off will remove the branding from all the locations listed above.

Refine Your Look

Once you’ve created your own white label podcast players and pages, you can make further tweaks to refine the appearance of your podcast. Don’t worry, there’s no coding required!

Just click on the “Share & Publish” tab in your dashboard, then click on “Podcast Player” or “Podcast Page”. Use the menus to tailor the look and function of each. You are able to see a preview of the changes before you commit to them.

Once you’re happy, save your changes, and you’re good to go. Wherever your podcast appears, it’ll always look clean, sharp, and on-brand!

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