Apple Podcasts have updated their categories list. This means that some categories have been retired in favour of new ones, and we’ve got a bunch of brand new categories popping up too! Here’s everything you need to know about the new categories list!

What Do These Changes Mean?

If your podcast is in one of the categories that is just being renamed, you don't need to do anything apart from maybe let your listeners know that your category name has changed. If you're hosted with us we have already remapped your categories so you don't need to worry about anything 😊.

If you fancy a change you can pick one of the new categories for your Podcast by going to Settings within the App, and then just swap out the category in that field. We will be updating our category list to reflect the changes listed below.

If you fancy a change, you can update your category using the field in the red box!

Updated Apple Podcast Categories List

The following list is a complete, up to date list of the categories for Apple Podcasts. If your category does not appear here, it has been removed:


  • Books (new)
  • Design
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts


  • Careers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investing
  • Management (new)
  • Marketing (new)
  • Non-profit (new)


  • Comedy Interviews (new)
  • Improv (new)
  • Standup (new)


  • Courses (new)
  • How to (renamed from Technology: How To)
  • Language Learning (new)
  • Self Improvement (new)

Fiction (New)

  • Comedy Fiction (new)
  • Drama (new)
  • Science Fiction (new)

Government (renamed from Government & Organizations)

History (New)

Health & Fitness (renamed from Health)

  • Alternative Health
  • Fitness (new)
  • Medicine (new)
  • Mental Health (new)
  • Nutrition (new)
  • Sexuality

Kids & Family

  • Education for Kids (new)
  • Parenting (new)
  • Pets & Animals (new)
  • Stories for Kids (new)

Leisure (Renamed from Games & Hobbies)

  • Animation & Manga (new)
  • Automotive (new)
  • Aviation (new)
  • Crafts (new)
  • Games (new)
  • Hobbies (new)
  • Home & Garden (new)
  • Video Games (new)


  • Music Commentary (new)
  • Music History (new)
  • Music Interviews (new)

News (renamed from News & Politics)

  • Business News (new)
  • Daily News (new)
  • Entertainment News (new)
  • News Commentary (new)
  • Politics (new)
  • Sports News (new)
  • Tech News (renamed from Technology: Tech News)

Religion & Spirituality

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Religion
  • Spirituality

Science (renamed from Science & Medicine)

  • Astronomy (new)
  • Chemistry (new)
  • Earth Sciences (new)
  • Life Sciences (new)
  • Mathematics (new)
  • Natural Sciences (renamed from Science & Medicine: Natural Sciences)
  • Nature (new)
  • Physics (new)
  • Social Sciences (renamed from Science & Medicine: Social Sciences)

Society & Culture

  • Documentary (new)
  • Personal Journals
  • Philosophy
  • Places & Travel
  • Relationships (new)

Sports (renamed from Sports & Recreation)

  • Baseball (new)
  • Basketball (new)
  • Cricket (new)
  • Fantasy Sports (new)
  • Football (new)
  • Golf (new)
  • Hockey (new)
  • Rugby (new)
  • Running (new)
  • Soccer (new)
  • Swimming (new)
  • Tennis (new)
  • Volleyball (new)
  • Wilderness (new)
  • Wrestling (new)


    True Crime (New)

    TV & Film

    • After Shows (new)
    • Film History (new)
    • Film Interviews (new)
    • Film Reviews (new)
    • TV Reviews (new)

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