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Not sure where to host your podcast? If you’re planning to launch your own show, then there’s a handful of places worth checking out.

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When you’ve created your podcast, a question you may ask yourself is, “where should I host my podcast?” There are so many podcast hosting sites that it’s often difficult to see the positives and negatives of each one and come to a decision that works best for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular podcast hosting sites and looked at the pros and cons of each to help answer that “where to host my podcast” question once and for all.


Soundcloud is potentially the most recognisable podcasting platform as it has been around since 2008 and has become a popular place for podcasters and musicians alike. With 175 million users on the site it’s certainly an intelligent option when thinking about where I should host my podcast. It has a range of features that are incredibly useful for podcasters. You are able to generate an RSS feed for your podcast which makes it easier to share on sites such as iTunes and Google. You can get stats for each individual show to work out which one’s doing best. You are able to share embeddable players to your website and social media and you can also use Twitter cards to point people to the app or Soundcloud browser. There’s a variety of packages including a free package that allows you to post 3 hours of content a month all the way up to a pro unlimited subscription that costs £10 a month and features unlimited uploads, full stats and scheduled uploads as well as a lot more. If you’re just starting out Soundcloud is ideal as you can try everything out for free.


  • Free plans with a variety of features suitable for trialling or getting started
  • Easy to use and lots of instructions on how to use online
  • Has embeddable players that you can feature on your own webpage


  • Limited uploads which means you will eventually have to take out a paid plan.
  • Limited listener statistics. You can’t look at things like how long people have listened for which can be an integral piece of information for the betterment of your podcast.


Libsyn is a popular platform amongst podcasters as it deals specifically with the needs of podcasters instead of being both a music and podcasting host. It’s also been around since 2004 and therefore is something of a veteran in the podcasting world. If you’re thinking where should I host my podcast then Libsyn might be a good idea. Pricing starts off with a classic 50 package that costs approximately £4 a month. This gets you 50mb of storage, RSS feed integration, directory listings and other handy features. If you opt for their most expensive advanced 1500 package this will cost you approximately £60 a month. As well as the features mentioned before you get 1500mb of storage, advanced stats, media transcoding and other important podcasting features. Libsyn also offers a YouTube integration feature which can help to expand your audience even further.


  • Due to its age it is a reliable podcast host
  • With only £4 a month for their lowest package it is affordable and accessible
  • Has a YouTube integration feature which can help grow your podcasts audience


  • The user interface is quite dated
  • There is no integration with Wordpress
  • The lower plans only have limited features


PodBean is another popular podcasting host that has a bloglike feel to it. If you’re wondering where I should host my podcast then consider Libsyn. It’s especially good if you want to monetise your podcast as it offers good advert/ sponsorship opportunities. It also has a crowdfunding feature that encourages listeners to become patrons and donate money to their favourite podcasts. PodBean has the smart stuff covered too with app management features and integration with smart speakers. The cheapest package which is their advanced package costs approximately £3 a month. You get 100mb of storage, embeddable web players, an iPhone/ Android app and several other important podcasting features. The most expensive package is their business package that costs approximately £78 a month. On this package you get unlimited storage, the ability to have multiple admins, premium bandwidth as well as all the features mentioned above and more.


  • Better monetisation prospects through ads and sponsors
  • You can use apps to manage episodes
  • Alexa integration


  • There’s no ad insertion on lower plans
  • Stats aren’t as advanced as other podcast hosts


Spreaker is an extremely popular podcasting service that offers many different features making it the perfect place to host my podcast. A significant feature in Spreaker is the ability to record and edit audio on your phone as well as your desktop. This podcast host gives you the freedom to take your podcast on the road without the requirement of heavy, non-everyday equipment. Spreaker has its own directory so you have the potential of being discovered by even more listeners. Their lowest package is their free speech package which is, you guessed it, free. This package offers 15 minutes a day of uploads, embeddable players, the opportunity to upload multiple shows and more. Their most expensive package is their station package which costs approximately £95 a month. This offers unlimited daily uploads, unlimited audio storage and extra visibility as well as all the above and more.


  • You have the ability to record and edit on your mobile device
  • YouTube, Sonos and iTunes and integration
  • You can customise the embeddable players for your website
  • Monetise your podcast through ad integration


  • Lower plans have limited features
  • The free plan is very limited so doesn’t give much room to test it out


Buzzsprout, another popular choice for podcasters for its more modern outlook on podcasting. It has better navigation and features than a lot of the older podcasting hosts and has a great user interface that looks good and works well. This host gives you the ability to schedule shows to go out at any time. You can also import all of your podcasts from other podcast hosts if you decide you like using this more than others you have used in the past. They have also thought about how podcasters access their own podcasts by offering good mobile phone accessibility. Their lowest package is their free package which lasts for 90 days. This gives you the chance to trial Buzzsprout before you decide to upgrade to better plans. The free package offers 2 hours of uploads a month, unlimited storage, 250 GB of bandwidth a month and more important podcast features. Their most expensive plan is their Buzzsprout Pro plan that costs approximately £62 a month. This offers 1TB of outbound data transfer, podcast migration and no advertising as well as the features mentioned above.


  • Free (For 90 days)
  • Well designed and intuitive interface
  • The dashboard is very mobile friendly
  • You have the ability to migrate from another podcast host and back again


  • Episode time is restricted
  • You have to use the free plan for at least 90 days which has limited space and features


Blubrry is a good podcast host to use if you use Wordpress as its integration with Wordpress is second to none. It offers integrated statistics that allow you to really hone in on who your demographic is what kind of person listens to your podcast. This makes it a lot easier to find advertisement opportunities and sponsors for your podcast. Their least expensive package is their small package which costs approximately £10 a month. This offers 100mb of storage a month, unlimited bandwidth, premium stats and more. Their highest package is their professional package, the price for this package can be negotiated and customised to suit your needs if you contact Blubrry directly. This package offers unlimited storage, FTP and has the ability to host commercial podcasts as well as integrating the features mentioned above and more.


  • No minimum audience numbers which means it’s accessible to everyone
  • Great stats so you can easily make connections with advertisers and sponsors
  • Wordpress Integration so you can carry on using your website


  • No advert insertion which means that you can’t place adverts in your podcast, you’ll have to use other advertising methods
  • No mobile app which makes editing and uploading on the go difficult
  • Hosting subscriptions are for 1 show unless it’s pro level so you can’t do multiple projects at once

The best thing to do is look at all the plans on each podcast host and decide which one works best for your podcast. When wondering where I should host my podcast it’s important to make notes of your audience reach, listener figures, podcast episode length and other vital information that you’ll need to now to find the best package for you. There’s no point upgrading to more expensive plans if you don’t require the features yet. When you do require the features you can then look at upgrading. If you’re starting a new podcast it’s better to try some of the free options to get to grips with how to use the services and to work out listener figures and other information that will help influence your package choices in the future. To learn even more about podcast hosts and handy podcasting tips and tricks subscribe to our newsletter at Podcast.co

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