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Getting on Apple Podcasts featured section is no easy task, but with enough gumption and hard work, it is possible!

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It’s less about what you know, and more about who you know with this game. Getting featured on Apple Podcasts in the "New and Noteworthy" section isn’t an easy task, but IT IS doable! You don’t have to be a celebrity or under a super popular network to get there!

It's Who You Know

Well, yes, being a celebrity or under a really popular podcasting network can help, but there are small independent podcasts that get their share of the Apple Podcasts spotlight sometimes! The easiest way to go about getting your podcast on the Apple Podcasts Featured section is to contact the right people.

Utilise websites like LinkedIn to find contacts that might be able to push you in the right direction, but obviously don’t harass them! They definitely won’t be willing to help you out if you keeping messaging constantly or if you’re pushy about it! Just be polite and approach them in a friendly way, if they don’t respond, move to someone else.

Also, try contacting your hosting provider. A lot of podcast hosting providers actually have pretty good links with Apple Podcasts, so the likelihood is, they can point you in the right direction. Again, the same rule of thumb goes with this. These people probably get quite a few podcasters messaging them about promotion, so keep it brief and polite.

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Write a Pitch

If they can help you out, then you will probably be expected to write a pitch for them. This is why it is easier to pitch a special episode you’re publishing rather than your whole podcast. You’ll need to explain to them why they should feature it. Remember that these guys at Apple Podcasts probably get tonnes of podcast feature requests every day, so make it brief but informative and try to make yours stand out.

Make sure you include a few crucial details in your pitch to Apple Podcasts. Firstly, the title of your podcast and the episode. It’s no use you writing a pitch and not naming your podcast and the episode title, otherwise, how will they know what to link to? 

Secondly, include bits about how you intend to promote your special episode. This is so they can guarantee that people will be excited and actually click on the banner they give you. Thirdly, suggest who the episode will appeal to and why. This will let Apple Podcasts know that you do have a target audience in mind and will give them a clearer idea of what kind of audiences it will be attracting.

The episode description was the heart of our pitch! The rest of it contained answers to basic questions like “what is your episode title” and a brief plan for how we intended to promote the episode.

Liz Covart

As you can see, there’s no guaranteed way to get your podcast on the featured section in Apple Podcasts. It mainly comes down to who you know and persistence. Hard work does pay off and if you’re willing to put in the work, then you might just find yourself on that acclaimed featured section.

Have you been featured on Apple Podcasts? Share your journey in the comments below to let others know what it takes to get in the New and Noteworthy area!

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