Turn Your Podcast Into a Sponsor Magnet

Wallet looking a bit bare? Magnetise your podcast and attract plenty of sponsors with these handy hints!


Rockstar's Guide to Becoming a Podcast Influencer

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!? Become a podcast influencer with these hot tips on your journey to rock and roll stardom! 🎸


Shoot Your Way to the Top of iTunes

A guide for newcomers to try and get their podcast as high as possible on iTunes Apple podcasts


Does Podcast Length Matter?

Worried your podcast is a bit too long? Figure out the perfect length for your shows and how long your podcasts should be.


You’re Boring Alone, Invite a Guest

When you get into a good routine, changing things up can seem rather pointless, but here’s why guests are important for your podcast and how to invite them on board.


Make Your Podcast Sing with These Sound Effects

Attract more attention and breathe some new life into your shows with some podcast sound effects.


5 Radio & Podcasting Differences You Probably Didn’t Know

There are a few major differences between live radio and podcasting. We take a look at some obvious, and some less obvious differences between the two formats.


Why You Should Be Using Podcasts for Your Brand

Exploring different promotional tools is important for your brand. We explain the benefits of using podcasts for your brand and how it will help promote you and diversify your marketing strategy.


Places You Should Definitely be Submitting Your Podcast

Submit your podcast to the best directories and grow your listeners. Alternatively, let us handle the submission process for you!


Why You Should Upload Your Podcast to YouTube

You may have noticed a lot of podcasters posting to YouTube as well as normal audio only platforms. We look at why uploading to YouTube can help grow your podcast audience.


Why Repurposing Podcast Content is a Good Idea

Don't let your hard work go to waste! Repurpose your podcast content to reach a whole new audience and grow your listeners.


Where to Host Your Podcast

Not sure where to host your podcast? If you’re planning to launch your own show, then there’s a handful of places worth checking out.


Liberate Your Podcast with WordPress

Turn your website into a listener destination by adding your podcast on WordPress. Here’s how to keep your site active and your audience engaged.


10 Quick Ways to Promote Your Podcast

You’ve done the hard part, now you just need to promote your podcast. Here are 10 ways you can get it listened to by more listeners.


10 Ways to Hook Yours Listeners (With a Gripping Intro)

Your intro can make or break your podcast almost immediately. So how do you stop your listeners from leaving your podcast after a few seconds? Here are a few ways you can get your listeners hooked!


Podcast SEO: How to Grow Your Audience

Essential ways you can grow your audience using podcast SEO tactics.


Engage Your Students the Right Way (With a Podcast)

Podcasting in education has plenty of benefits to help you engage with students more effectively. Here’s how podcasts can enhance your lessons.


How to Get Reviews for Your Podcast

Not getting many reviews on your podcast? Here’s how to get more!


How to Build a Website For Your Podcast

Create a home for your content by building a website for your podcast.


How to Get Your Podcast on to Google Home

With more and more people getting smart assistants for their homes, here’s how you can get your podcast on Google Home.


Google Podcasts App: New Android Podcasting Directory

We're finally going to see a new Google Podcasts app come to Android (maybe soon) - here's what it is and when it's out.


How to Find Podcast Sponsors

How do you get sponsors as a podcast? Here’s a few tips on how to get some sponsors.


5 Best Places for Podcast Hosting

Not sure where to host your podcast? Choose from one of these 5 best podcast hosting services to get your shows online.


Get Listeners Addicted to Your Podcast

Want to know how to grow your podcast audience? Here are a few helpful hints to boost your listener numbers.


Best Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Do you want to make money podcasting, but not sure where to start? Follow these essential tips to turn your podcasts into a profitable business.


Best Podcast Directories: Submit & Promote Your Show

Getting your podcast noticed can be hard. Why not submit it to these sites and get heard?


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