Behind the Scenes of the Tech for Good Podcast

The Tech for Good podcast is leading the conversation on how technology is bringing social change and how that’s affecting our lives.

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Who Are Tech for Good?

Well, the clue is in the name! Tech for Good are a podcast that strives to show the latest trends in technology, show how they can be used for social good, and encourage debate about their misuses. They have been running for around 2 ½ years now, pushing out regular episodes monthly before, and now with the help of the Podcast Studio, once a week!

How Have They Grown?

Tech for Good have actually grown their audience fairly organically over time. Their main promotion comes from the guests they have on the show, social media, and word of mouth. They also run regular events and attend conferences, because networking is still the most powerful way to grow your audience.

Why Do They Use the Studio?

In their words, the studio is “A massive lifesaver” to the Tech for Good crew. They used to only be able to put out episodes once a month due to the hassle of not having a set studio space. This meant they would have to set up and take down the equipment before and after every recording, and the venues they were using weren’t soundproofed meaning the audio quality would be affected.

The Studio removed all of that hassle. They can just walk in and record, with no need to set anything up or take anything down afterwards. The booth is soundproofed and all the equipment is top of the range, so their audio quality was bumped up, and it gave them more time, meaning they can now put out episodes every week. They've even got guests swinging by the studio to record with the Tech for Good crew.

The Podcast Studio are taking on quite a lot of bookings, with regulars popping in every week or month. If you’re interested in hiring out the Studio for your own podcast, then click the button below to find out more.

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