Bored, tired, or feeling unproductive? These are just some of the things most of us go through during an average week at the workplace. As fun as meetings and one-to-ones are (let’s face it, they’re not), there are far more effective ways to keep everyone in the loop. Whether that’s regular internal newsletters or general office chit-chat, we can all agree that byte-sized digestible info is the way forward. Enter Podcasts!!!

Hhhhheeeerrrrrreee's PODCASTS!

Now we all know podcasts are nothing new, but when you add them to your internal communications arsenal, you open up a whole new way for driving employee engagement and keeping people ‘in the know’. Here’s why:

#7. Podcasts Help Remote Workers Stay Connected

This ‘social’ aspect of podcasts comes in handy. Remote work is on the rise and it brings with it exciting opportunities, but isolation is a serious problem. 

For remote workers, there's no water cooler talk or office banter, which can lead to disconnection with the business.

Not only does isolation wreak havoc with people’s wellbeing (let’s remember that isolation is a feared form of torture even among hardened prisoners), but operating continually outside a familiar social environment can lead to detachment, communication breakdowns, and eventually a massive loss of engagement and productivity.

Podcasts offer people a chance to hear another relaxed human voice from their company and can stay connected with relevant news in a way that is closer to normal human interaction than other forms of media. This is a great way to keep remote workers in the loop.

#6. Podcasts Are Consumed Passively 

According to the BBC, the average commute in the UK takes 54 minutes, which adds up to over 200 hours per year. On top of this, most of us spend a fair bit of our lives cooking and cleaning. Podcasts, along with radio and other forms of audio, are the only forms of media that can be combined productively with other activities, usually in a passive way. 

The obvious benefit of this is that the opportunity cost of listening is very low. You don’t have to set aside time for listening, you can do it as a secondary activity in time you’d otherwise waste.

Podcasts convert hundreds of dull hours into wholesome learning experiences or entertainment. This is the number one advantage of podcasting over other forms of media you can use for internal uses as your business.

#5. Podcasts Are Creative & Fun!

Podcasts open up their listener's minds in a very unique way. Since the internet, we’ve been swamped with text. Text struggles to grab attention - I mean, you're probably skimming this right now

Those long-form emails, yeah, they aren’t exactly hot content. You can edit all of your own mistakes out of text too easily, which can sometimes feel overly produced, dry, and emotionless. Video can be very powerful, but can often seem scripted and false because most of us aren't natural with a camera in front of our face.

But podcasts are different, they're intimate forms of content.
'Yeah, just like that' said Bread.

Listeners feel a relationship with podcasters as if they were part of the conversation. Unlike video, presenters feel relaxed and behave more normally. Presenters can have fun and be themselves, like they're talking to you as an old friend. There's plenty of room to be creative of fun, even if it's for an internal business podcast.

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#4. Podcasts Go Deep 🍆

Podcasts can also allow you to go deep into topics, rather than skimming across the surface. Audio is great for relaying what you want say, no matter how long it might be. Most people find it easier to listen to someone, instead of reading loads of text. A study on memory found that people recall twice as much information from audio as they do from text, so it's sometimes better to get behind the mic.

Grab a cuppa tea, take a seat, and have a good old natter!

It’s also true that real conversations have a way of flowing that can lead to greater depth and cover a wider range of topics. For instance, an interview with a member of a department that’s frequently misunderstood can reveal a lot and help the various departments to understand each other, so it's really a WIN-WIN for both the presenters and listeners.

This also happens to be a large part of the appeal of podcasts, when you go deeper you can unearth more novel ideas and explain everything in detail.

#3. Podcasts Save Oodles of Time ⌛   

I don’t know about you, but meetings can be a MAJOR pain in the backside, especially when you've got loads to do. Yes, they’re useful for everyone to share info, but they’re time-consuming and can be very unproductive.


Yes, podcast production can take a long time too, but removes all the legwork so everything just works. From start to finish, recording, editing, and hosting your podcast is all done for you! With a free trial, you can see if it's right for you here.

#2. Podcasts Promote Culture

What better way to develop an exceptional company culture than to showcase company values through entertaining media? Whether that's the type of things you're up to, standards for awesome working environments, or the atmosphere on how relaxed your office is.

Happy relaxed employees = creative and enjoyable working environments!

The potential here is only limited by imagination. Podcasts offer so many ways to engage a workforce with the values and goals that are related (even if indirectly) to business objectives. Honestly, you can have SO MUCH FUN with podcasting.

#1. Podcasts: Everybody’s Doing It!

Ok, so not everybody, but the power of podcasts for internal communications is IMMENSE in promoting cohesion and engagement in a uniquely powerful way. You feel like you’re sat in the room with the presenter, so there's plenty of opportunities for businesses to stay connected and improve productivity, especially for remote workers.

HEY! What do you think of podcasts? Can they help your workplace be more productive? Let us know in the comments below!

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