It’s that time of the week again, where we look at some amazing podcasts that made it onto our #PodcastOfTheDay list last week! Here’s another round of amazing listening material:

1. Join The Party

A tabletop RPG adventure like no other! Join the Party is perfect for both veterans and newbies thanks to the fantastic tutorial episodes at the beginning that teach you different terms you need to know. With hilarious characters, awesome adventures and some immersive sound design, get ready to become part of the party yourself! Happy Flip Day!

Listen here: Join the Party

2. How It Obviously Ends

A ridiculous and possibly frustrating game of guessing. These two friends watch half of a film together, and then try to predict what will happen in the final half, often resulting in hilarious rationality on where the film is going to go. They then watch the final half of the film to see who was the closest with their guessing.

Listen here: How It Obviously Ends

3. Criminal

Criminal is a fantastic example of true crime podcasts at their best. It describes itself as providing, “stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” The most recent episode is a fascinating interview with 99 year old Benjamin Ferencz, one of the last surviving prosecutors from the Nuremburg Trials, which prosecuted Nazi generals for their actions during World War II. Definitely an amazing listen.

Listen here: Criminal

4. Up and Vanished

Creator, Payne Lindsey, decided to create a documentary investigating one of the largest cold cases in his state, Georgia; A case of a missing a young girl and a teacher from 2005. As the season went on and people started talking about the case again, new leads surfaced and eventually the police made 2 arrests in relation to the case after none for 11 years. They are continuing to cover this case, with a new case investigation starting this month!

Listen here: Up and Vanished

5. History of Witchcraft

The History of Witchcraft goes into how people escalated the things that they did not understand, into human beings being the cause using dark magic, and it also looks at how those people accused of witchcraft were treated afterwards. Host, Samuel Hulme, always attempts to tell these stories in an interesting and humorous way, while making room for the obvious darker tones within some of these tales.

Listen here: History of Witchcraft

And that’s all there is for this week! But keep following our social media for more daily podcast goodness every Monday to Friday!

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