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Musicals With Cheese

Join Jess, a musical theatre enthusiast and expert, and his friend Andrew, a complete newbie to the world of musicals, as they discuss and analyse different musicals from different perspectives. It gets pretty funny, so grab a drink and join Jess and Andrew for some musical goodness and some laughs along the way.

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Imagined Life

Ever wondered what it would be like to live life in someone else’s shoes? Now you can! Imagined Life is an amazingly immersive journey, as each episode puts you in someone else’s life and you have to try and guess who’s life you’re experiencing. It’s surprisingly hard to guess and you’ll learn a lot about people that you thought you knew. Amazingly put together, this is not one to miss out on.

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Modern Class With Priya and Lou

Getting up to let someone take your seat who needs it on the bus or tram. Not constantly bugging the karaoke host to let you go up and sing. These are examples of etiquette that we should have drilled into us. But for anyone that doesn’t, send them this podcast! Join hosts, Priya and Lou, as they discuss etiquette and typical do’s and don’ts for modern day situations.

Find out more here: Modern Class With Priya and Lou

Lords of Death

A really interesting take on true crime podcasts. Harry Potts was brutally stabbed to death in 1987 by an intruder into his home. Just over a year and a half later, his wife was also found stabbed to death in the same home. Around the same period, a bunch of unanswered murders happened and this podcast aims to pick up where law enforcements left off, and to try and prove that there was an undetected serial killer around Ohio during the lates 80's and 90's.

Find out more here: Lords of Death

The Dream

99% of multi-level marketing sellers end up losing money. Join Jane Marie, as she dives into the world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing in order to shine a light on the recent resurgence of these immoral business models across social media. Also, they trace the roots of some of these ridiculous "Get Rich Quick" schemes to find out exactly where they came from in the first place.

Find out more here: The Dream

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