Another week, another load of brilliant podcasts! Here is this week's summary of some of our favourite podcasts.

1. Sabrina the Teenage Watch

No this isn’t a spelling mistake! Sabrina the Teenage Watch, hosted by Phil Dean, Graham Riley and Chris Evans, discusses everything to do with Sabrina and the 90’s in general. They post every Monday, and have already posted up to 2 seasons and are still going!

Listen here: Sabrina the Teenage Watch

2. Big, If True

Do you like conspiracy theories? Well, with a slogan like, “Trust Nobody, Question Everyone,” this podcast is definitely for you. Born out of Canada, once a week hosts, Matt and Kayla, look at a conspiracy theories, cryptids, unsolved mysteries and the like, and investigate all of the leads surrounding the stories.

Listen here: Big, If True

3. Deal With It

Hosted by Andy Erikson and Joleen Lunzer, Deal With It, aims to spread awareness of lesser known medical conditions, like Endometriosis, Marfan Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. In spreading awareness, they hope to break many of the stigmas surrounding these health conditions, and encourage love, support and understanding instead.

Listen here: Deal With It

4. Normies Like Us

“The Podcast that reminds you that It’s Hip to be Square!” Normies Like Us is hosted by Joe Asta, Colin Brooks and Mike Romans. It is a podcast that looks at all things pop culture. Everything from gaming goodness, to movie marvels, Normies Like Us is the perfect podcast for those looking for some good pop culture content.

Listen Here: Normies Like Us

5. In The Dark

If true crime is your thing, why not take a listen to In The Dark? The first season focuses on the abduction of Jacob Wetterling from Minnesota, and how authorities “mishandled one of the most notorious child abductions in the country.” Season two is focused on Curtis Flowers and how he ended up being tried 6 times for a gruesome murder case.

Listen Here: In The Dark

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