It’s a Monday and you know what that means! That’s right, we’re back again with another list of awesome podcasts for you to get stuck into so without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Jump

If you love music, The Jump is a podcast you need to add to your subscribe list. Host, Shirley Manson, talks to a different popular and influential musician to discuss the song that they feel was the turning point in their career. With artists like Courtney Love, Neko Case and way more, it’s full of some seriously interesting conversations.

Listen here: The Jump

The Something About… Podcast

Each episode of The Something About...Podcast is something completely new! Join them as they discuss different random topics that make up our daily lives, such as blood, water pollution, smart devices, and way more. Some really interesting and funny conversations in this one, and in our opinion, it’s a fantastic way to pass that early morning commute!

Listen here: The Something About...Podcast

Noggin Notes

We all need some help sometimes, and Noggin Notes is here to provide some of that help. They discuss different mental illnesses and mental wellness, with the hope that it will help some of you guys out who really need to hear these kinds of discussions. From factual, data-based discussions, to idea and opinion based discussions, there’s something here for everyone!

Listen here: Noggin Notes


Some of us need some extra help when it comes to saving our money for bigger and better purchases in life. CentsAble is here to help! Every episode, Bobbi and some super cool guests dive into some budgeting and money saving tips that you can use, no matter your income level! Super handy and there’s a new episode every month!

Listen here: CentsAble

100x Entrepreneur

Become 100x of yourself! Enjoy chats with different successful venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and professionals, as they reveal the habits and mindset it takes to become super successful in your own ventures. Seriously life changing stuff!

Listen here: 100x Entrepreneur

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