Here we are again! The weather warming up a bit, days feel longer and brighter, so why not listen to some awesome podcasts in the sunshine this week? (If you’re lucky enough to get some!). Off we go!

Case Closed

Got to give you that true crime fix! So many true crime podcasts focus on unsolved, cold cases, meaning there’s no real ending and it can feel a little frustrating! None of that with Case Closed. They only focus on solved cases so you can follow them from start to finish, but still with all the drama and horror of course!

Listen here: Case Closed

Motherhood Sessions

Mum’s, this ones for you! Being a Mum isn’t easy, so Motherhood Sessions aims to take a dive into the psychological changes that can happen on becoming a mother. Join Dr. Alexandra Sacks, as she sits down with different mothers and has some pretty tough chats with them about careers, sex, and way more.

Listen here: Motherhood Sessions


The Nuclear Winter, the world is in ruins and over 2,000 people now live underground in a United States Reconstruction Bunker in Nevada. Preparing future generations to reclaim the earth and just trying to wait it all out, they live out their lives in this bunker, until a visitor arrives.

Listen here: Copperheart

A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Ready for some comedy? Join comedian,  Ted Alexandro gives his insight into the wide world. Exploring topics from the mysteries of the self, to discussing the lighter side of life as a comedian, to recent topical news stories and his own take of them. Honestly, if you need a good laugh, this is the one to go to!

Listen here: A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro


A fan of classical music? Definitely check this one out! Jade Simmons, nicknamed “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick,” takes you on a journey through the stories that shaped classical music pieces. Scandals, secrets and sheer genius; No stone is left unturned in this investigation into different symphonies, operas and more!

Listen here: Decomposed

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