You know the drill by now, we’re back to bring you some more awesome podcasts that caught our attention this week. There’s some pretty cool ones this week so let’s get stuck in anc check out the first one, shall we?

2 Drinks In

Two hosts. Two drinks. Many opinions. Join Jenna and Sydney as they discuss a different topic every episode over a couple of drinks, usually coming in with a controversial opinion or two. Everything is covered, from reality TV, to Harry Potter, to marriage! Why not share your hot takes with everyone afterwards too? Join in!

Listen here: 2 Drinks In

Screen Fix

Love movies? This is one for you! Each week the hosts watch a new movie and "fix" it. Repairing any plot holes within the movie, sorting out any character development that was either non-existent or took a wrong turn. Any movie can be fixed by the Screen Fix team!

Listen here: Screen Fix

Get Out And Surf

A podcast all about the wonderful world of surfing! Join surfer, Joe Walsh, in Costa Rica for some awesome surfing tips, interviews with surfing legends and for some general chat about surfing in Costa Rica and other locations. They even cover how to make a career out of surfing, which seems like a pretty cool gig if you ask us!

Listen here: Get Out And Surf

Why Is This A Thing?

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and wondered, why is this a thing? Well, wonder no more! Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam are on a mission to watch some pretty awful movies, TV shows and more, to ask, Why is this a thing? Thought-provoking, philosophical, and definitely weird.

Listen here: Why Is This A Thing?

Happy Place

Finally, our pick for Mental Health Awareness Week. Hosted by the wonderful Fearne Cotton, Happy Place aims to provide just that, a happy place. She talks to amazing individuals, and a few celebs, about their lives, loves, losses, and tries to uncover just what happiness means to them. Some seriously amazing stories to listen to here.

Listen here: Happy Place

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