We're back again for another awesome list of podcasts! There’s a real varied mix this week, with everything from sports, to literature, you’re sure to find something that’s up your alley. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Ultimate Sports Channel

Entering the podcast world after some super successful years in the video world comes father and son team, Mark and Joey, to talk all things sport. From reviews of sports games from the day, to predictions on who will win, to their own opinions on various goings on in the sports world, these guys are unstoppable Sports Fanatics! Get involved!

Listen here: Ultimate Sports Channel

Con Artists

Take a dive into a Con Artists mind with this podcast. Con Artists investigates some of the craziest con stories, looking at how they can go from feeling like a friend or family member, to a guy in a suit with a fake Rolex. You’ll also learn how to spot a con, so you can avoid these masters of fakery!

Listen here: Con Artists

Drive With Us

Morning traffic. Gosh, it's the worst, right? Well thankfully, sisters, Bhavneet and Taranjit, are here to make that commute fly! They’ll test each others knowledge, learn some new stuff, and basically just have a good old time. Join them and watch your morning commutes to work just fly by!

Listen here: Drive With Us

Knight Reader

Get right into the world of literature with Knight Reader. With a focus on both Classic and Modern literature, there’s something for every reader. Knight Reader aims to approach things in a fun and accessible way featuring music, voice acting, reading, story telling, in depth discussions and some interesting insights into the mind of the author.

Listen here: Knight Reader

The Brown Carpet

We all love those really weird news stories that pop up and cause us to sit there wondering how on earth this made the news. Well best buds, Corey and Josh, have made a podcast where they take those weird and wonderful stories, and turn them into movie pitches. Who knows? Maybe an actual blockbuster movie will come from this one day?

Listen here: The Brown Carpet

You've reached the end! We hope you've come away from this with a few more podcasts to add to your favourite app. Remember, you can follow our social media (@podcastdotco) to keep up to date with the latest picks for Podcast of the Day. Also, if you'd like to be considered for Podcast of the Day, let us know by filling in your details below!

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