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The History of Standup

The clues in the title! Join comedians, Wayne Federman and Andrew Steven, as they look back on some truly iconic standup moments from throughout the years. Where did standup start? And just how far has it come? The answers to these questions and more can all be found, in The History of Standup.

Listen here: The History of Standup

Our Life in Transition

Meet couple, Rachel and Shannon. Married in 2006, and had a beautiful daughter in 2016. That’s when their lives changed. Shannon was born male and had been struggling with her gender identity her whole life. She started her transition in 2016. Join this lovely, quirky couple as they talk about Shannons transition, as well as their journey as an LGBT+ family.

Listen here: Our Life in Transition

State of Digital Publishing

An online journal, turned podcast! State of Digital Publishing focuses on the latest media technology trends, different perspectives and, of course, news updates in the online publishing and media industries. With weekly episodes featuring talks from industry leaders on how they combat an ever-changing industry landscape, you’ll have plenty to keep you going!

Listen here: State of Digital Publishing

Let Lisa Help

Need some help in your life? Don’t we all! Well, meet Lisa Lampanelli, your new Life Coach. Formerly, the Queen of Mean, and now the Queen of Meaning! She’ll be answering listeners questions and struggles, as well as learning how she can be a better life coach. So get some good life advice from Lisa, or don’t and let your life suck.

Listen here: Let Lisa Help

This Sounds Serious

Gwen Radford, ends up on the trail of America’s most missing person, after listening to the 911 call that started it all. The longest hostage situation in Oregon must have a conclusion, and Gwen is determined to find the answers. An awesomely well done comedic take on the mystery and crime genres, it’s gonna be good!

Listen here: This Sounds Serious

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