So if you follow us on social media (which you totally should be!) then you will have seen our #PodcastoftheDay posts. Well, here is a roundup of all of our #PodcastOfTheDay posts for this week!

1. Caliphate

Created for The New York Times, and hosted by Rukmini Callimachi, Caliphate investigates the war on terror for the New York Times on her mission to understand ISIS and the fall of Mosul. Created in 10 parts, this podcast is sure to keep you hooked.

Listen here: Caliphate Podcast

2. Men in Blazers

You can probably guess from the logo what Men in Blazers is all about. Hosted by Roger Bennett and Michael Davis discuss what’s been going on in the world of football. They recently did some really good coverage of the World Cup so definitely check that out if football is your thing!

Listen here: Men in Blazers Podcast

3. The Lonely Palette

“Man, art history. It's so snooty. And boring. Right? Or maybe...wrong?” Taken directly from their website, The Lonely Palette aims to make art history, cool. In each episode, host, Tamar Avishai, picks an art piece and explains the history of it in an accessible and easy to understand way. If you want to start listening, they recommend starting on Episode 0.

Listen here: The Lonely Palette Podcast

4. The Teacher's Pet

Fan of true crime? This one should tickle your fancy! Created for The Australian, The Teacher’s Pet, written and investigated by Hedley Thomas, explores the true story of the unsolved murder case surrounding Lyn Dawson, her husband Chris Dawson, and a young high school girl named Joanne Curtis.

Listen here: The Teacher's Pet Podcast

5. My Brother, My Brother and Me

An interesting title, yes? Hosted by three brothers, Justin, Griffin and Travis McElroy, this podcast is a comedy advice cast where listeners can send in questions and the three brothers will answer them. To give you an idea of what to expect, some of the topics that have been discussed in the past are: Fireworks, basketball, beans, and defending the honour of your favourite telescope.

Listen here: My Brother, My Brother and Me Podcast

That’s all for this week! Meanwhile, you can follow our social media to get a new podcast recommendation every day, Monday to Friday.

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