Ready for some more? Can you handle it? Well it’s coming anyway! Here’s another week full of amazing podcasts!

Doc Doc Goose

“Only 12% of the population understands what their healthcare provider tries to tell them.” Doc Doc Goose is a podcast hosted by Dr. Shaun Palmer, Dr. Ben Ihms, and Matt Ihms. It’s focus is to help and educate the general public about different healthcare topics in a way that is entertaining and engaging. They provide a look at healthcare topics with a light-hearted, easy-to-understand spin on everything, making it a fantastic podcast for everyone.

Listen here: Doc Doc Goose

Just Another Shark-Man Podcast!

Are you an uber-fan of the infamous Shark-Man? No?! Not surprising really because he doesn’t exist! This podcast is a fictional fan podcast for the non-existent hero, Shark-Man. Join Ferg and Jack as they get super excited about the “latest news” from the franchise, review all the “new merchandise” being released and generally chat about their love for the franchise.

Listen here: Just Another Shark-Man Podcast!

Feel Better, Live More

In honour of Mental Health Day, Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee joins our list for this week. If you’re in need of some health-hacks, this podcast is the place to go! You’ll get to listen to some top advice from leading health experts, as well as hear them debunk some common myths about health, and just give you some generally good advice for living happier and healthier.

Listen here: Feel Better, Live More

Dead Man Talking

Sinister, we know. Dead Man Talking is another true crime podcast on our list, but this is all about one killer in particular; Angel Resendiz, a.k.a. The Railroad Killer. He was executed in the State of Texas in 2006, but just before he died he admitted to killing more people than he had been accused of. This was dismissed as a ploy to prolong his death. Join host Alex as he investigates this bizarre confession and the life of the Railroad Killer.

Listen here: Dead Man Talking

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

This is a strange one. Unsolved Murders looks at investigating old murder cases that were never solved and left cold, but with the inclusion of dramatisations, sound effects and your two wonderful hosts. Get ready for some cold case investigations like you’ve never heard them before. They’ll get you more and more immersed in the story with the fantastic voice acting for the scripted dramatisations.

Listen here: Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

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