Heard you were after some listening material to get you through the week? Don’t worry, we’ve got your sorted! Here’s our top picks for this week!

Profoundly Pointless

Get ready for a series of interviews with random people that you may know, and some you’ll definitely want to know by the end! Divers, authors, weightlifters and more, all answer some pretty pressing questions, as well as some pretty pointless (but funny!) questions too!

Listen here: Profoundly Pointless

Insomnia Project

Ever thought about how much you could get done if you just didn’t sleep? How much more productive and efficient you could be? Well, you’re in luck! Gonsanto Industries are looking for test subjects for their new treatment to help humans never have to sleep again! Listen in to find out more about applying, and to listen to some logs from other test subjects!

Listen here: Insomnia Project

Multi Story

Straight from the BBC comes Multi Story, hosted by Becca Bryers. She is your guide through a world of colourful characters and emotional experiences that make up the diverse country that is the UK. Everything is covered, from living with Tourette's Syndrome, to the wonderful world of animals, to a homeless man who set up his own book club. Definitely worth a listen!

Listen here: Multi Story

Professional Friends

Join four good friends, Calvin, Carolina, Anna and John, as they search for Life, Liberty, and the Putrsuit of Happy Hour. (Not quite what Jefferson wrote!). They chat about everything from Oktoberfest, to Sex Ed! With a particular focus on the LGBTQ dating scene in New York. So why not listen in and join in the chat!

Listen here: Professional Friends

Hear the Bern

Everything Senator Bernie Sanders related all in the Official podcast! Bernie is back! Ready to run all over again in 2020, this podcast will cover all stories of the people, stories and ideas that are driving Senator Sanders to run once again, as well as information about the latest goings on during his campaign. Get ready to Feel the Bern!

Listen here: Hear the Bern

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