We’re back for 2019! We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned for Podcast.co this year! So let’s start off 2019 right, with another list of amazing podcast content for you to enjoy.


Communication between different genders has always been a key element in the progression of civilisation. However, our willingness to openly communicate has decreased it seems. This podcast allows us to fully explore different perspectives from different genders to see just how different we really are from each other.

Listen here: Juxtaposed Podcast

American Real

With a goal to promote personal growth and development, American Real, hosted by Roger L. Brooks, bring new episodes every Sunday. Full of inspiring guests, empowering stories, and general positivity, this is a very real talk show with some absolutely fantastic guests. 

Listen here: American Real

Happy Fun Time Movie Hour

Everyone loves movies! And we all love talking about movies too! Happy Fun Time Move Hour is a podcast where you can listen to your hosts chat about the latest from the world of cinema, including the newest films, trailers and different genres. They even cover the latest Netflix films too!

Listen here: Happy Fun Time Movie Hour

Hall of Fame Press Badge

Into basketball? These guys certainly are! Covering everything from NBA, to NCAA, to High School tournaments, to Streetball; Hall of Fame Press Badge is one not to miss for you avid basketball fans! There’s a few episodes released each week with different updates, shows and segments to keep you in the know.

Listen here: Hall of Fame Press Badge


Built4Anything aims to inspire new creative and entrepreneurial minds by delving into conversations with current creatives and entrepreneurs. The way Hertz Pierre-Louis approaches conversations with these individuals makes for a truly inspiring but entertaining conversation that is well worth listening to.

Listen here: Built4Anything

And that does it for our first list of 2019! Hopefully you’ve found a few new podcasts to listen to while you’re completing those New Year’s Resolutions! If you simply can’t wait until next week’s round up, why not follow us on social media (@podcastdotco) and get our Podcast of the Day picks as they happen? Until next week!

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