Here we go again! As the weather is getting colder (in the UK anyway!) why not snuggle up with one of these amazing podcasts and a nice warm drink. The perfect way to spend a Winter’s day, we think!

The Rebooters

Movie lovers everywhere! This one’s for you! Join your hosts, Josh and James, as they review the latest creations from Hollywood. Well….specifically, reboots of old classics. Which is better, the classic film, or the brand new rebooted version? There’s only one sure way to find out. Give it to The Rebooters!

Listen here: The Rebooters

What Am I Doing?

A podcast series that talks to young entrepreneurs and digital professionals about work in North England and how it is changing. We discover how they have managed to navigate this new environment of growing opportunity and flexibility surrounding work. But is all this change really what we need right now?

Listen here: What Am I Doing?

The Science of Happiness

Produced in collaboration with the Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley, The Science of Happiness provides some insightful research tips on leading a more meaningful life. What makes you happy? Do you do those things enough?

Listen here: The Science of Happiness

Abroad in Japan

After starting his successful YouTube channel documenting his adventures across Japan, Chris Broad, has started up a podcast as well! Alongside, Pete Donaldson, of Absolute Radio and Xfm, the two explore various features of Japan. From the bizarre capsule hotels, to the incredible food and stunning places to visit, all with that wonderfully sarcastic British sense of humour.

Listen here: Abroad in Japan

Critical Role

Pretty well known in the land of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts comes Critical Role. A stunning campaign adventure, talented voice actors edited together with amazing soundscapes that make you feel like you’re really in the action with the characters. Hosted by the amazing Matthew Mercer, this is one not to miss. Just make sure you’ve finished your jobs for the day, each episode is anywhere between 2-4 hours long!

Listen here: Critical Role

You've reached the end for this week! So find yourself a comfy spot and get listening! If that's not enough, why not check out our social media (@podcastdotco) for our regular Podcast of the Day from Monday- Friday. Also, make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss the next list of seriously cool podcasts!

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