It’s time for another roundup of our awesome Podcasts of the Day from our social media (@podcastdotco)! We have a pretty wild and varied mix for you this week so, here we go. Get your favourite podcast apps open and get ready to subscribe!

Your Music Industry Podcast

Dream of becoming a singer, instrumentalist, or musician? Definitely check out Your Music Industry Podcast! Hosted by Daniel Fischer-Jones, this podcast provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into how to get into the music biz! Join this lively and helpful community and get started on that dream of yours!

Listen here: Your Music Industry Podcast

Geeky Retro Nerds Show

What was it like growing up in the 80’s and 90’s? Well you can find out all about the pop culture at the time through the Geeky Retro Nerd Show! Movies, music, and way more, with an awesome sense of nostalgia. There’s even some interviews with well-known stars to give you the ultimate blast to the past!

Listen here: Geeky Retro Nerds Show

Fireside Mystery Theatre

Get ready for thrills and chills aplenty with Fireside Mystery Theatre! Performed in front of a live audience, this is an audio drama like no other. Join host, Ms. Ali Silva, a whole cast of amazing actors, and fantastic musicians playing an improvised score to go alongside these mysterious tales! You can also see them live at The Slipper Room in NYC!

Listen here: Fireside Mystery Theatre

The Disappearance of Des

Friday 2nd August, 1979. Desmond Francis Carr, wakes up and heads off to work alone down a road in the Western Outback, Australia, just like any other day. Only, on this day, he doesn’t return. 40 years later, nobody has seen or heard from him since. Now his family are looking for answers. What happened to Des? Why did he disappear?

Listen here: The Disappearance of Des

Pickle Me This

“I’m Pickle Riiiick!” Rick and Morty fans, rejoice! Pickle Me This is a fan-made podcast for all you Rick and Morty nerds. There’s a discussion of an episode, (Spoiler free - don’t panic!), as well as some behind the scenes bits and bobs thrown in there too! The best news? It’s only just started! Get on it right now and join in the fun!

Listen here: Pickle Me This

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