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Distraction: Movies & TV

Mondays can be pretty dull and boring, so distract yourself (see what we did there?), with the Distraction podcast! Join hosts Tim and Jordan, as they take a lighthearted look at the vast world of television and movies, through the eyes of casual fans. Definitely a great way to spend the dreaded Monday morning commute.

Listen here: Distraction: Movies & TV

Just A Little Podcast

Two guys chatting about everything nerdy sound like your cup of tea? Just A Little Podcast is probably for you then! Everything from comics, movies, Marvel, DC, anime, video games, thoughts and opinions; They don’t know everything...but they do know a little about everything.

Listen here: Just A Little Podcast

SMY Goodness Podcast

Art, food, history, are all things that have shaped our culture today, and SMY Goodness aims to show us how all of these things came together to do just that. Each episode features an ingredient or concept, and they dive into its beginnings, its expansion in the world, and how different cultures and artists observe it.

Listen here: SMY Goodness Podcast

Intrusive Thoughts

We all have those conversations where all of a sudden the topic of conversation gets completely derailed and we end up somewhere else entirely. This is what Intrusive Thoughts focuses on! Two friends educating each other about various topics the other knows nothing about, and frequently derailing the conversation and hilariously ending up somewhere completely off topic!

Listen here: Intrusive Thoughts

LIFE by Anisa

LIFE  is a podcast that’s aiming to help you get the best out of your life. Anisa Rashad is there to help you tackle problems head-on, and have a bit of a giggle along the way. Join her and some pretty amazing guests including artists, leaders, business executives and more, as they come up with some real strategies to get your through.

Listen here: LIFE by Anisa

And that's your lot for this week! Hopefully, you've found a brand new favourite podcast in this list. If you want to continue the discussion, leave us your thoughts on our social media (@podcastdotco), and if you're thinking about starting your own podcast, why not sign up for our free Blueprint? It has all the useful tips and tricks to get you through, and help you create your own podcast!

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