We knew you wanted some more after last week, so here we are again! We have some more amazing podcasts for you to dive right into so let’s get it going!

The Ketchup Podcast

“Laid back and talking smack!” Join best friends, Jack and Guy, as they share all of their silly stories from the week. Every week the two get together in order to catch up on the weeks events, and just be a bit ridiculous to be honest! If you’re in need of a good pick me up kind of podcast, The Ketchup is definitely one to start downloading!

Listen here: The Ketchup Podcast

Boxcar Buddies

Need some escape? Well why not join homeless chums, Greg and Don, in their various boxcars or shelters, as they talk about the different content they’ve taken in recently, including different games, movies and even Netflix series. Greg and Don are fantastic company for about an hour so why not come on into their boxcar and escape from reality for a while with them.

Listen here: Boxcar Buddies

From Under the Thumb

From Under the Thumb brings you a whole lot of entertainment in one show! Tim and Rob, discuss movie reviews, guest interviews, an awesome music quiz, news from around the world, personal stories, and a whole lot of laughs. This one is a little longer per episode so make sure you’re somewhere comfy, or shove it on your smart speaker while you get dinner going. You won’t regret the choice!

Listen here: From Under the Thumb

This Must Be The Gig

Those backstage access, VIP tickets for gigs can be so expensive can’t they? Well, This Must Be The Gig is giving you something cooler and much more affordable; Free in fact! Lior Phillips, Senior Editor of Consequence of Sound, talks to artists and industry leaders about life on and off stage, including artists like, CHVRCHES, Johnny Marr, and Counting Crows.

Listen here: This Must Be The Gig


Julie Capsom, movie star and heiress, crashed her car into a tree in 2007 on Christmas Day. A male torso was found in the boot of the car, and she just disappeared. 10 years on, reporter, Bea Casely, and detective, Brenda Bentley, reopen the case with the aim of solving it, once and for all. A fascinating and well-done podcast drama series that really pulls you in from the very beginning and keeps you hooked on and wanting more!

Listen here: Arden

That’s all for this week. But there’s another weeks load of podcasts heading your way next Monday so don’t worry! Also, if you want to get ahead of the crowd, you can follow our social media (@podcastdotco) to see our picks as they get released every Monday - Friday! And make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss the next instalment!

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